Personal Narrative: B Ball Game

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B-Ball Game!!! I remember the one day, it was early in the morning and I was going to my basketball game. We stopped to help this lady get home by giving her a ride. Then once we dropped the lady off at her house we drove off and had to stop for some deer to cross the road. Once the deer crossed the road, we were finally off to the game, we made it to the game with time to spare. With the time we had to spare I had some biscuits and gravy, and i devoured them in seconds and had some orange juice after.

After finishing my breakfast the game started and I was a starting point guard and i was also the jumper. I tipped the ball to my team we started with it. By the end of the first quarter we were up 12-0 with all points scored by me. In the second quarter we started with the ball and immediately scored on the other team. After scoring the immediate basket we all knew this quarter was going to be like the first one, a total blow out. We ended the second quarter 21-0 still with all points scored by me.
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After the third and fourth quarter we ended the game 44-6 with 36 points scored by me. Third quarter 12 points were made by me, and fourth quarter one 3 point shot was scored by me. After the game was over we went and got ice cream for the whole team. We all chose our favorite ice cream then devoured our ice creams as a team. After the ice cream we made a promise to each other that we weren’t going to lose a game at all this season, and we all went home and I will always remember this basketball game and how good of a team we were. This is my story, what is

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