A Journey

Topics: Thing, Short story, Mind Pages: 2 (954 words) Published: March 2, 2013
urneyA Journey
By Emil Lohse 3.C
A) Life and death/ying and yang; on one side you have one of the worlds wonders. On the other you have what every man fears; the journey from birth to death, which we all must participate in. The short story A Journey by Colm Toibin is in many ways a tale of how mysterious and uncontrollable life can be. How nothing is how you wanted them to be and how a little thing can change your entire look at life. The short story takes place in a car in the middle of the night. It’s a limited 3rd person narrator, which means that we only see it from the perspective of 1 person. The protagonist is the woman Mary who together with her son is driving from a hospital, where the son has been hospitalized because he’s suffering from a depression, back home to their house and a sick father/husband. The age of Mary is never mentioned but what we do know is that Mary and her husband were married for 20 years before she got pregnant with David who now is 20 years old. That could indicate that Mary is rather old and as she’s saying herself: “at first she couldn’t hardly believe it and then was frightened; she asked herself why it had happened then and not years before but she could find no explanation. She felt that perhaps they would be too old and set in their ways to bring up a child. They used to be free”. Here’s were the last person in the short story is introduced, Mrs Redmond. She was the neighbour who recently lost her husband and needed activities to keep her mind from thinking of him and stood by Mary and her husband day or night to watch out for the little David. An important thing to point out is the lust for freedom. The thing Mary fears the most is the idea of her causing the sons depression. David lived most of his childhood with Mrs Redmond and with a distanced relationship with his parents. Depressions occur when people, often teens, is creating their own personalities, which is different compared to the parents. And that’s the...
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