The Journey of Man

Topics: Human, Africa, Prehistory Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: October 2, 2010
The Journey of Man
“The Journey of Man” is a movie that embodies the past of humankind based on DNA. Spencer Wells, a geneticist and anthropologist, embarks on a journey to trace the spreading of human migrations out of Africa. This movie implies that a further study of human beings will not be focused on finding fossil remains but instead focused on obtaining blood samples from significant tribes around the world.

Spencer began his journey by working with another geneticist, Luca, they discovered that blood could be a time machine to investigate our beginning and predict our future. They both realized that isolated tribes could give us history through their blood samples. Blood containing the fountain of life, DNA, is very valuable for the history of mankind. In this way, after obtaining all the blood samples and tracing back human history, they could build a family tree of humanity. According to Spencer, approximately 10,000 humans were living 50,000 years ago before they began their journey. Amazing how today there are 6 billion people that descended from those 10,000. These humans originated in Africa, specifically from the Buschman tribe. Research shows that this tribe is the only one with a “click” sound language and according to our ancestors they were great hunters and the best trackers. Using the lisong markers to track the past through DNA is how they discovered that the Buschman carried the oldest genes, giving evidence it all began in Africa. The movement of human species continued towards India. It took further research to understand how they got there, but findings show that 70-50,000 years ago the ice caps were expanding creating more deserts and allowing them to walk through. The same process was followed in India, and Tamil Nadu was discovered to carry the gene of the past. The white chromosome in male is the evidence of the past because it is the only one that does not change. After India, the species continued their route towards...
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