Inner Journeys

Topics: Bob Dylan, Robert Cormier, Iraq / Pages: 11 (2728 words) / Published: Sep 20th, 2009
More than anything else inner journeys are about the challenge of self reflection . Do you agree?
An inner journey involves the exploration of the self, as individuals review their growth and development in light of experiences which challenges and inspires them. More than anything else, inner journeys are about the challenge of self-reflection. The following texts ‘We All Fall Down’ by Robert Cormier, ‘Baghdad Wedding’ by Hassan Abdulrazzak and ‘Things have changed’ by Bob Dylan emphasise how one reflects on the ways an inner journey provides new insight and an understanding of the world and themselves.

Robert Cormier’s thriller novel ‘We All Fall Down’ explores the April Fools Day trashing of the Jerome’s house that leaves the youngest daughter Karen in a coma, the house a disaster, and an emotional state for Jane and her family. The trashers are four average high school boys led by the manipulative and dominating Harry Flowers. Harry manipulated the group and takes advantage of Buddy’s state of mind. ‘The Avenger’ an 11 year old boy witnesses it all, but remains an unknown character until the conclusion. The book focuses separately on the trashers, the Jerome family and the Avenger, as they unknowingly interact and come together at the stories end. The novel points us towards the key themes of maturity, isolation and loneliness and moral failure. Cormier’s characters review their growth and development in light of experiences and shows their ability to challenge themselves to self reflect.

Through the use of motif and irony Cormier allows the reader to follow the inner struggles of his characters. A motif is a recurring theme or basic idea. This literary technique helps to unify the novel and emphasize particular themes or issues within it. Cormier uses the motif of the ‘broken window’ when Harry instructs his trashers “not to break any windows”, Buddy’s father explains his broken relationship with his wife and family has been shattered, like a broken window,

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