We All Fall Down(Why Tt Was Banned)

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We All Fall Down

“Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down.” This nursery rhyme and We All Fall Down are alike in a way. They both result in the falling of dead bodies as they land on the ground, now corpses. The book We All Fall Down was banned due to its violence and vandalism (Sova 2; We All Fall Down); the occurring sexual content (Marshall University Libraries 1); and the alcoholic references and profanity (Cormier; occurring theme) that haunt its pages. The book is worthwhile because it has such a suspenseful plot (Sova 1; We All Fall Down); its advanced vocabulary is enough to be at a college level and it teaches good morals and values (Cormier; throughout book); and the book explores the responsibilities of peoples towards others as well as the motives of teenagers to commit such brutal acts (Sova 2; We All Fall Down). This book shouldn’t be banned because it displays the struggles and family ties that the characters learn to cope with (Cormier; whole book). It has relationships between the trashers’ families and the main heroine’s that differ and demonstrate the importance of close knit ties (Sova 2; We All Fall Down). The book also contains romance to relieve itself from its dark, malignant plot (Sova 3; We All Fall Down).

We All Fall Down was banned for a multitude of things for the content it contained. A reason it was banned was for its violence and vandalism (Sova 1; Censorship History of We All Fall Down). The one murderer in this story is the Avenger, a mysterious eleven year old who avenges for the sole purpose of justice. His first victim was his own classmate in the fifth grade, Vaughn Masterson. Vaughn was a bully who humiliated the other children as well as cheat off the Avenger’s tests. The Avenger saw no end to his constant teasing and began to observe his target. He followed him home and knew all his activities. The Avenger is all about observation, and after much of it, he put on his “thinking cap” to devise his murderous plot. After following Vaughn home and into his backyard where Vaughn was playing, he pulled out his grandfather’s revolver and shot Vaughn’s face to shreds. The avenger felt no guilt or regret even at Vaughn’s funeral, and instead chuckled and smiled to himself. The Avenger also pushed his grandfather off his own balcony, proving to himself that killing could be done without the use of weapons. His grandfather was a retired policeman, and after much interrogation by his grandfather, the Avenger decided the only way to save himself from being found was to kill a second time. His “thinking cap” went on once again and his plan carried out perfectly. With two murders, the Avenger was nothing but pleased for his eleven year old heart dreaded nothing. Violence such as this occurred and still occurs worldwide, so banning this book means banning the whole world. Violence is something that will continue to live on in this world, whether we decide to change it or not.

Vandalism also played an important role in this book’s banning, for vandalism is what set the whole plot’s events in motion (Cormier 1). The trashers, Harry Flowers, Marty Sanders, Randy Pierce, and Buddy Walker destroyed the Jerome’s house and all its belongings. All the boys are juveniles who run around to have what they call, “fun time.” Their next plans for “fun time” happened to be set on the Jerome’s house. They destroyed China plates, smashed furniture, and even urinated on the walls. Vomit puddles appeared throughout due to their heavy drinking. Nothing was left untouched for the Jeromes to come home to, nothing but misery and paranoia. The trashers left without a second thought, all but Buddy Walker. Even then though, the Avenger saw it all, and began his observations on his new targets. Vandalism may be considered “art” to some people, but I still believe it’s wrong. That is damage to someone’s property and they shouldn’t have to clean up what wasn’t theirs. Graffiti art and...
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