Inner Journeys

Topics: Grammatical person, Choice, Poetry / Pages: 5 (1048 words) / Published: Oct 19th, 2008
To What extent has studying the concept of inner journeys expanded your understanding of yourself individuals and of the world?

Inner journeys are about the process in which we move from naivity to maturity. In this proccess we learn new things about ourself that help us grow and become wiser and better people. The texts cosi by louis Nowra, the film groudhog day and the poem the road not taken all depict journeys of the mind and spirit which open up a greater understanding of the sense of self.

In cosi louis nowra presents the inner journey of lewis, a young first time director who is hired to direct a play to bring the inmates of an asylum 'out of their shells '. At the begining of the play lewis is indecisive in his understanding of others, uncertain of his opinions and unconfident of his own abilies. Diresting cosi fan tutti with emotionally and mentally handicapped people is the catalysts for lewis' own emotional and mental maturity.

As a metaphor for the world the charred theatre represents the challenges that will confront lewis. The characterization of lewis is established by the realism that of his language when he initially states " i need the money. However this realism is threatened when both nick and lucy leave him alone to deal with the inmates. lewis's growing fear and uncertainty is emphasized through Nowra's stage directions.

Gradually as lewis spends more time with the patients like when he like when he lies about cherry "thats why she spends so much time in the toilets in order to keep the production going he starts to see the value it has for them. Lewis also changes his attitude toward love and fidelity. This evident in the contrast when he says " loves not so important nowadays" to now saying "without love the world wouldn't mean much". Nowra uses the play within play within play structure to emphasize the importance of love and fidelity. The opera cosi fan tutti functions somewhat as a mimetic device as it becomes a reflection of

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