A Heart Warming Experience

Topics: Gift, Gift wrapping, Furoshiki Pages: 3 (1288 words) Published: March 27, 2006
There is an old saying that goes, "it is better to give than to receive." I have just truly realized how powerful that saying was after I have done my 12 hours of community service and my other completed hours from the past years. There is no greater feeling of fulfillment when one dedicates their time to someone whom needs some caring. In my 12 hours of community service, I had volunteered in my church, gift wrap gifts at the Agnew center, and helped at the Christmas party that the Portuguese threw for the under privilege children at Lyndale Elementary School. I knew that I made a difference somehow in someway in my community. I wish that each and every individual would find it in their hearts to give up themselves and sacrifice at least an hour for someone who needs to be fed, clothe, comforted, guided, and this could go on, but for someone who is grasping for help. There is definitely something very satisfying about giving one's time and one's sweat and dirty hand. An indescribable feeling of joy that lingers in our heart. I know many people have volunteered themselves at their local churches and I am glad I that was one of them. Every Monday, I go to Our Lady of Peace Church in Santa Clara to help the teachers with the catechism program. I would stay form quarter to seven to quarter to nine. I would start out the night helping prepare for classes by organizing the kids and making sure that they are in their right classes. Then I would go up and down the tiring stairs to take attendance of each of the classes that are being held. Afterwards, I would call the kids who are absent, ask them for the reason of their absence, and remind them to go to class the following week. I also had to watch over one of the class for 15 minutes or so because the teacher had to take care of personal business. That was a fun experience: I felt like a substitute teacher, who was treated with respect. There were times when I just felt like I couldn't help out due to my stress and...
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