DACA Scholarship Essay

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“The backbone of success...hard work, determination, good planning and perseverance”-Mia Hamm. These are some of the characteristics that I identify myself with. These traits have led me to all the accomplishments I have achieve and plan to conquer regardless of the unequal opportunities set before me due to my citizenship status.
As a DACA member I am incapable of getting financial aid from colleges because most of their financial aid is accessible to mostly U.S citizens. This also goes to many scholarships.
Moreover, surrendering due to lack of opportunities is something I do not wish to do. My plan to be part of the medical field has already been established. When I begin college, I am planning to major in Biology and take Pre- Medicine. After college I plan to enter medical school through Loyola’s Medical school program which now
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This ranges from volunteering at open houses at the high school I attend, book sales, and Wic Centers. Volunteering at Wic Centers have been one of the places that I have been most involved in. During the summer, when I am not in any medical programs I usually volunteer there from 8:00 A. M up to 5:00 P.M. I help by reading and playing with children between ages 0-7 or helping distributes free lunches during the summer or helping clean the tables and chairs of the place where they eat during the summer. Overall, I have made more than 200 hours of community service learning hours over the last two summers and a total of more than 300 community service hours in the last three years of high school.
Being part of your community is very essential to the new members that join as well as the ones that are already part of it. Our community should be a source of love and our shoulder to lean on when we are in need. Initially our community forms part of our individuality from our culture to our identity since it plays a role in our flourishment from womb to

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