A Gap of Sky: a Story of a Girl Who Do Not Entertain Negativity

Topics: Writing, American films, Inkjet printer Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Titel ”A Gap of Sky” Engelsk aflevering forfatter: Anna Hope
Udgivet: 2008

The text is about a girl at university, that has to get an assignment done, before the day passes. But her problem is that she has no printer ink, so she tries to find it in a store that unfortunately is closed.

The composition is easy enough there is a beginning, middle, and an end. The beginning of this text is at her home, where she wakes up after a long part night with alcohol and drugs of every kind. In the middle, she suddenly remembers an assignment that she has to make, and starts running around after ink for her printer. She can’t decide if she’s going to make the assignment or not. She has the right to not do it, but if she doesn’t they might kick her out of school, and she don’t want that. The end is where she clears things out, and decides what she wants to do.

The narrator of the story is on top of it all. We are in her head, we hear everything she’s saying to herself, and what she is thinking when she get’s down to the ink store, and their closed. We only get to go into her childhood a few times. Eks: “Her mother appears before her mind’s view: she is wearing the faded cheesecloth blouse Ellie loves best, those favourite jeans of hers” It’s not a 1 persons narrator, because they don’t say I, but they use her name, every time they tell about her. This is mostly a monolog, because she isn’t talking to anyone other than herself. She is mostly in her own head, and all the information we get in te text, is something that she’s thinking or doing. The story is all about HER, there is no one else in the story, except the persons she mention her self. There’s a lot of repetition in this text eks: “Ellie feels afraid. Nasty, brutish and short say the lines in Ellie’s head, nasty, brutish and short” the choice of words is young. It’s a young language, and words like Fuck are used a lot in this text. The fact that this story was written in 2008, makes...
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