Mean Girls

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The movie I am choosing for this assignment is Mean Girls starring Lindsey Lohan as Cady Heron and Rachel McAdams as Regina George. I am going to compare both girls to Erikson’s identity v.s Role Confusion Cady is a sweet girl who has just started public high school for the first time since moving from South Africa, where her parents were zoologists. When she is befriended by two nice students, she is convinced by them to try to fit into "the Plastics" where a clique of snobbish, airhead girls who rule the school.

In the process of the experiment, she gets a little too into her role, and loses herself and becomes a mean girl for real.

After getting dumped by her super-hot boyfriend, she realizes what she has done and accidentally spreads rumors about their teacher and gets punished for it. When she goes back to being an inner nerd and joining the Mathletes, she wins back her boyfriend Aaron and regains a normal existence.

Cady is a swet girl who just stawas a homeschool student when she was living in Africa. She stepped foot into a real high school and had no idea how different things were until she meets a popular girl in school, Regina George. Regina George is a born bully who is the leader of the Plastics and has to be the center of attention.. is a very mean person and loves tearing down others while complimenting about them, not knowing that theyre having their hearts ripped out

She rules her school and her home so when Cady tries to jeopardize this she is not happy. Having a disability doesn't change the effect on how much you love somebody. Sam isn't the best reader or writer, but the love he shows for his daughter is more then what a person without a disability could show.
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