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This scenario is about the hospital admission. There are a nurse and the patient’s mother. The special room was not available at that time but as the rich person the mother wanted VIP room. So let us watch what will happen between them. Nurse: Hello. This is your child’s room number.

The mother looked and in a surprise,
Mother: Room 301!
Nurse: Yes. Is there any problem?
Mother: How can you let my baby stay in that room! I want a special room, we are VIP. I want to change the room. Nurse: I am sorry. The special rooms are not available now. This room is also OK. If you want, you must wait for a week. The mother became angry.

Mother: I have money. I want to change now. I can’t wait!
Nurse: If you have money, why did you come this hospital? You can go to a better one. Mother: My God! What attitude it is!
At that moment, the baby cried and the mother paid attention to the baby. Mother: Go, go. I don’t want to see you again.
She carried the baby to the room 301.
Later, at the room 301, a nurse come in to give the baby injection. Nurse: I am going to give injection.
Mother: Why are you again?
Nurse: I am in charge of this ward.
Mother: OK. Be careful.
The nurse tried three times, but she still can’t find the vein.
The baby cried loudly and the mother became very angry.
Mother: Stop. I can’t stand you! How did you become a nurse? I will sue you.
This is all about the first scenario. The second scenario takes place in gerontology. The patient’s condition became worse and worse. So, her daughter came and looked her. Then she go and see the nurse to complain. Daughter: My mother condition is worse. How do you look after her? Nurse: We all look her very well but she refuse to eat and take medicine sometime. Patient: Why? You should ask her to take.

Nurse: We always tell her but she doesn’t. It’s all because of you. She wants to see her children but you all don’t come. That makes her worse. Patient: We all busy with our work! We gave you enough money....
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