Chapter 7 Quiz Review

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Chapter 7 Quiz Review
1) Appropriate music choices for general practice medical offices are a) Country and gospel
b) Classical, light jazz, and soft rock
c) Folk and heavy jazz
d) Heavy metal
e) Heavy rock and rap
2) What kind of impression do cool colors create in the reception area a) Active
b) Volatile
c) Discordant
d) Energetic
e) Harmonious
3) A lively atmosphere is produced by what type of colors
a) Dim
b) Primary
c) Muted
d) Dark
e) soft
4) When arranging a reception area to accommodate elderly patients you should include a) Chairs without arms
b) Soft sofas and chairs
c) Chairs on casters that roll easily
d) A few straight backed chairs
e) Low chairs and sofas
5) Which of the following patients is at greatest risk if another patient who is highly contagious comes into the office a) Diabetic patient
b) Young adult with asthma
c) Immunocompromised patient
d) Patient with high blood pressure
e) Woman who is five months pregnant
6) Bill is looking over the documents the patient handed him and notices that the social security number on the document is not the same number the office has on file for this patient. When bill asks about it the patient states that the office has always had his ssn wrong and he has given up trying to get it fixed. He claims that the social security number on the documents is his correct number. What should bill do? a) Change the ssn in the patients chart to match the documents b) Give the patient the necessary paperwork to change his ssn in his chart c) Try to find out if suspicious behavior by this patient has been reported before d) Accept the patients explanation and ask him to have a seat in the waiting area e) Call 911 and report a possible red flag incident

7) Which patients are especially sensitive to cooler temperatures a) Men
b) Women
c) Young adults
d) Elderly patients
e) Adolecents
8) The best way to maintain appropriate room temperature in the reception area is to do what a) Set the thermostats as directed by the buildings superintendent b) Periodically survey patients to see if they are comfortable c) Set the thermostat at a predetermined setting and never change it d) Allow patients to regulate the thermostat in the reception area e) Observe the patients for signs of being too cold or too hot 9) Which type of lighting can be hazardous and result in patients tripping or bumping into hard to see objects a) Track lighting

b) Florescent lighting
c) Bright lighting
d) Subdued lighting
e) Extremely bright lighting
10) The best type of lighting to use in a geriatric medical office is a) Dim
b) Dull
c) Bright
d) Track
e) Soft
11) The first impression a patient gets of the medical office is of the a) Reception area
12) A 120 sq. ft. room, 10 ft. by 12 ft. can comfortably accommodate how many people a) 10
b) 15
c) 20
d) 25
e) 30
13) A good rule of thumb for the placement of furniture is to allow how many square feet per person a) 6
b) 8
c) 10
d) 12
e) 14
14) The major disadvantage of having live plants in the reception area is a) Require someone in the office to know how to grow them
b) Must be watered periodically
c) May cause allergies or be poisonous if eaten my small children d) Take up space and can spill
e) Release harmful toxins into the environment
15) When selecting specialty items in a medical office consider _______ a) Low tables with sharp corners
b) Clocks
c) Live plants
d) Glass vases
e) Scented candles
16) An example of an appropriate specialty item in a medical office is a) Coat rack
b) Scented candle
c) Potpourri
d) Glass vase
e) Live plant
17) An advantage of carpeting in a medical office is
a) Forms a better base for scattering rugs
b) Less expensive than other flooring types
c) Keeps the office cleaner
d) Permits easy movement of furniture
e) Helps reduce noise
18) What type of fabric creates a formal appearance
a) Light weight
b) Sheer
c) Medium weight
d) Heavy weight
e) Lacey
19) The...
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