Nsg/403 Professional Values Worksheet

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Professional Values for the BSN Student

Complete the worksheet with a substantive response to each prompt.

Define each term using the course textbooks or a peer-reviewed resource.

Describe how you, as a BSN student, demonstrate each value as you interact with patients and other health care providers. Provide specific examples of how your values influence your attitudes and behaviors. Each response must be 100 to 150 words.

Value| Definition| Personal Demonstration|
Altruism| Altruism is one significant characteristic and attribute of the nursing profession. Altruism is defined as showing concern or feelings for other’s welfare, instead of just for oneself (Johnson, Haigh, & Yayes-Bolton, 2007). A person who is altruistic is involved for not doing these actions for personal rewards or gains, but volunteers to help for their own personal fulfillment to helping others without their recognition. Attributes in altruistic nurses are compassion, generosity, and caring. This is one characteristic of a nurse that exhibits professional ethical actions and behaviors toward patients, families, and colleagues in the workplace. When nurses are acting in a caring, compassionate, and non-selfish manner toward patients and co-workers, positive outcomes will be the result.| Nurses show concern everyday by listening to patient’s needs and worries. Nurses are at the forefront for the patient’s interpersonal needs and are advocates for them in many ways. They keep them informed of their plan of care and ensure their personal safety. Altruism is also demonstrated when working with our colleagues and other health care professionals. Nurses will be cooperative with changing of shifts, schedule changes, and provide teamwork by offering help to colleagues when they are needed (Johnson, Haigh, & Yayes-Bolton, 2007). Altruism is also exhibited by the nurse when he or she puts their patients first by having to sometimes...
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