Youth and Future of Pakistan

Topics: Internally displaced person, Refugee, Youth Pages: 6 (2207 words) Published: September 5, 2012
Youth all over the world through history, has been a revolutionary force. It is the precious asset and opulence that can revive a nation going through hard time. Youth of a nation can do wonders if availed, trained, educated and informed in an optimum fashion. Literally it refers to all the human force in a nation lying between the age group of 18 – 29 years. Though tender an age, yet the intellect, physical strength and wisdom it possesses has no parallel. Pakistan, our much-loved homeland; is passing through challenging times in regard to economic, social and political turmoil. Crime rate is increasing, with a fast depletion of natural resources, deteriorating agriculture and power shortages, with instances of severe human right violation and sufferings of the common man. There are demonstrations and strikes, brutalities and scourge that affect hundreds everyday. In such a chaos there is still a huge quantum of hope along side, there is anticipation and prospects en route for accomplishment and triumph. Consequently, there is a huge responsibility lying on the young generation’s shoulders, towards nation building. To bring the state of affairs back on track the youth has to play its proactive role to help change things for better, and to revive the state of affairs from getting worse. Literally a tolerant society refers to the one which supports for practices that prohibit ethnic and religious discrimination, and likewise a peaceful society is the one undisturbed by strife, turmoil, or disagreement, there is existence of a tranquil environment . An amalgam of the aforementioned traits, which are a prerequisite of an ideal society, will lead to good governance and democratic practices. Thus in the long run it will determine the state of well being of the nation. In Pakistan, one of the main hurdles towards progress and development has been the continuous intolerance and restlessness among all segments of the society, leg pulling of the political leaderships and democratic rulers, which eventually led to undemocratic practices over the course of the past decades. Youth, especially students have been exploited for the self interests of different pressure groups. Hence, in present time the youth has to differentiate and target the required sources to prevent the history from repeating itself; hence join hands for the cause of the nation. Youth comprises the major portion of the demography in Pakistan. An educated and well informed youth can revive the present state of restlessness in the country. However, we shall elucidate the youth role towards a peaceful and tolerant society in an elaborate manner. It follows a hierarchical procedure in order to trigger, implement and then maintain a desired state of mind among the people. Theory without practice is of little use. Change and innovation needs to be implemented at the grass root level for sufficient and desirable outcomes. Foremost of all youth should avail their right to vote, which can and certainly will bring a desired change with their huge power in term of population and strength, in the political and social arena. They should make an active use of their civic rights like freedom of speech, form groups for certain national interests; attend to conferences, use Internet, avail the press, radio and television, by offering an article or feature in the newspapers, holding press conferences, distributing hand-outs for sharing their particular point of view among others, and should report on the problems facing the nation in an objective manner with responsibility. Youth should get motivated to becoming part of commissions and participate in youth action plans; which will give a vent to the voice of the youth in an effective manner. Such forums can help in policy making specifically for the youth betterment and in general for public welfare. Consequently, a society built on the needs, wants and demands of its majority populace will be a justice provoking and tolerant one in...
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