Current Political and Social Problems of Pakistan

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Current Political and social problems of Pakistan!!

Pakistan these days is facing an immense crisis in political, social and economic drawback, recently Pakistan is passing through a series of chronic and painful problems include political, socioeconomic, energy crises, security, uncertainty in Balochistan, day to day suicide bombing, foreign Drones attacks and worst situation of law and order in FATA and NWFP. These all are brain blasting and heart pinching for all true Pakistanis.

Pakistan has been facing many crisis and problems since the time of its independence, but today the number of problems has multiplied to an extreme. From the basic necessities like food, clothes and shelter to the security of lives.

Categorizing the problems, social , political and economical problem are listen and explained briefly below

A social problem is a harmful social condition, according to the beliefs and values of some influential or dominant group in the society. A harmful social condition becomes a social problem when a social need persists over some time and is not provided for because there are a number of competing needs while the proposed budget is not sufficient to cater for all of them. Thus social problems involve social issues. Pakistan is facing a lot of social problems, which basically involves

- Low literacy rate
- Labor force
- Hunger
- Poverty
- Unemployment
- Poor law and order situations; and
- Population growth
- Diseases
- Smuggling
- Drug abuse
- Prostitution
- Deviant behavior
- Demographic transitions
- Discrimination of Sex

Pakistan has been has been facing a number of political problem, specially after the start of 21st century. Political problems are lead by none other than the political parties themselves. These problems greatly affect the normal people (awam) of the nation. Problems may include

- Corruptions
- Fake degrees of the parliamentarians
- Unlawful attitudes towards the nation
- unfair voting in election
- uneducated politicians

Economical problems are those which greatly affect the economical backbone of the country or a nation. Pakistan has been facing a lot of drawback in terms of its economy rate. Within past 3 years the Pakistan’s economy has fallen to a great level. The currency rate has fallen and also the level of export has become quite less, resulting in Pakistan being in a lot of debts of various countries (mainly USA). The main problems are listed below

• Power crises and war on terrorism, root of basic economic problems • Loss of MNCs business
• Tumbling stock market
• Unprecedented Inflation
• Declining exports
• Loss of Foreign Exchange through Tourism Industry
• Influx of local people from war-ridden areas and their rehabilitation

The problem which our group has chosen for discussion is “low literacy rate/ Illiteracy”. Illiteracy is one of the major social problem of Pakistan. literacy rate of Pakistan is very less. About half of the population of Pakistan (according to 2008 census) are said to be illiterates. When compared to other Nations, Pakistan ranks low in literacy, although it has made some progress in last 50 years. Literacy has risen from 13.2% in 1951 to 44% in 1998, but this progress is far from satisfactory. Pakistan is counted among countries with low literacy rates. Other South Asian countries like Sri lanka, India and even Bangladesh have higher literacy rates than of Pakistan

Literature: (The gathered information)
The literature gather is related to the census of 2004. Also it has points and view which has been taken from the survey report of Pakistan: where and who are the world’s illiterates?...
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