Expectation of Our Army from Young Officers

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1.Introduction.Youth is the golden stage of life. Only young generation can take the challenge to face any kind of difficulties. Because they believe in their strength and power of youth. They do not loose their heart and work with patience; sincere efforts and hard work have got reward of its own. So young generation plays a vital role to maintain the peace in our daily life.

Army is such a institution who wants the spirit of youth. Officers in Bangladesh Army are the main engine of this prestigious institution. It always demand challenging, intelligent, qualified, handworkers, skilled and honest people. They are highly materiel and loyal to the senior. They always obey the rules and regulation of Army. Any time, any where they can go for the sack of country.

Young officers are the fuel of our Army. The never allow the train to stop. Wherever in natural disaster, Political unrest and any unfavorable situation they always decide the people. They are for peace. They are the symbol of peace. They have laid down their lius to bring peace in the world through UN mission. They are devoted for the country.

2.Aim.The aim of this essay is to give an idea about the expectation of our Army from young officer’s .

3.Scope.I’m going to brief on following topics .
- The young officer
- Basic Fundamentals for Young Officers.
- Performance of Duty.
- An officer’s Duty to Himself.
- Hardship for Nation Building
- Role during Natural Calamities
- Hardship in Different Courses
- Hardship for Unit Competition
- Maintain Peace in the World
- Conclusion

4.The Young Officer . The initial 6-8 years of service of a young officer are preparatory. He has to swallow everything that he comes across. He attends compulsory course, remains attached with his men, knows them and remains at their scrutiny, reads widely and works endlessly for the unit. He can afford to make genuine mistakes, not thereafter. He may develop his own perception of a disciplined life by forming habit that will shape his future. Some positive suggestions my be. a.Spend half an hour every day reading daily newspaper.

b.Read any book for an hour
c.Spend a few minutes recapitulating over the day’s events, happening and chalk out future actions. d.Follow at least one broadcast of daily news.
e.Spend sometime in thinking about a professional, human or any other worthwhile problem/issue.

5.Basic Fundamentals for Young Officers. Newly commissioned officer in Bangladesh Army get their commission after successfully completing two years of training. We were taught every thing. For being an good we have to have few basic things insides us. Those are :

a.Honor. An officer should perform in a manner so that he can draw unquestioned respect and honor, from his men and colleagues. Honor code is introduced in the military academy which says ‘’ A gentlemen Cadet shall lead a life of honor and dignity, he shall not life, cheat and steal’’ The intrinsic values of this statement continues throughout an officer’s service life. His spoken or written statement of fact must be free from guilt. His actions must be unselfish and for the good of his unit and service. When he in command of men, he must see to that their needs are satisfied before he cares for his own comfort.

b.Loyalty .Loyalty is a widely discusses tem in any officer’s forum. But it does not signify blind and abject obedience. It is characterized by intelligent, active and zealous obedience. The officer must be loyal to his men and ensure that they get an honest and just apportionment. He is supposed to be loyal to his brother officer’s, juniors, equals and superiors alike. The same apply to his unit and to the nation he sworn to protect. Loyalty works both ways: an officer demanding it from those whom he commands and he himself must remain loyal to his men.

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