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Refugee law is the branch of international law which deals with the rights and protection of refugees. It is related to, but distinct from, international human rights law and international humanitarian law, which deal respectively with human rights in general, and the conduct of war in particular. Refugee law encompasses customary law, peremptory norms, and international legal instruments. The only international instrument is the UN Convention, with an optional Protocol, while various regional bodies...

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The Happiest Refugee

Anh Do’s story is a timely reminder of the plight of refugee in our country. Discuss the Happiest Refugee in the light of Do’s universal message about the suffering of human beings during times of war and the struggle to make a better life in a foreign country. The Happiest Refugee is a memoir written by Anh Do which was first published on the 1st of August in 2010. It is regarded as one of the most influential and well-received novels in the world of literature for its great insight on the life...

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Refugee Blues

Auden’s ‘Refugee Blues’ laments the plight of the Jews who were forced to flee Europe when the Holocaust started and they were rounded up and killed or imprisoned under the cruel regime of Hitler. The poem starts with a narrator, who is later revealed to be a German Jew, describing a large city which is home to ten million people some of whom are well off and live in luxurious large houses while others make do in slums and shabby houses. Yet, the narrator tells the person with him, presumably a...

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Syria Refugee Crisis

Elisabeth Novak 260581648 INTD 200 The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Canada is Not Playing its Role. The Syrian civil war originating in 2011 has put millions in perilous situations, now involving most of the international community. With approximately 6.5 million people internally displaced, and millions more fleeing the country as refugees or seeking refugee status, the Syrian war has become a worldwide refugee crisis, in desperate need of international help1. Over the past couple decades, Canada has...

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Report on Refugee Rights in Australia

Background of Refugee Rights Political Movement Since 2000, both the refugee rights political movement in Australia as a whole as well as the Australian National Committee on Refugee Women (ANCORW) have primarily been focused on key issues such as the differential treatment of asylum seekers based on how they arrived in Australia or apply for protection, the Pacific and Malaysian solution, the detention of asylum seekers and combating the view that boat arrivals are not ‘genuine refugees’...

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Syrian refugee essay

by Citizenship and Immigration of Canada on its refugee system.There is no doubt that Canada has been a leader in refugee resettlement programs. Its outstanding and effective protection for Vietnamese “boat people” after Vietnam war gained Canada great respect from global community, and ever since, Canada is known as the most “refugee-friendly” country in the world. However, the past glory does not reflect in the status quo of Canada’s Syrian refugee resettlement. When facing the largest humanitarian...

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Environmental Impact Of Rwandan Refugee

further population displacement. This essay will talk about each of the different environmental problems caused by the Rwandan refugees in Zaire. Refugee movements tend to lead to serious disturbances of ecological systems. Unquestionably, the most serious environmental problem created by the Rwandan refugees was deforestation within and around all the refugee camps. The Zairian government had estimated that the South Kivu region lost 3750 hectares of forestland within 3 weeks of the arrival of the refugees...

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refugee blues

Analysis Refugee Blues "Refugee Blues" is a poem written by the U.S-British poet W. H. Auden in March 1939. This poem is set in 1930′s when Nazi people were prosecuted the Jewish people. Refugees were people who were driven out of their home or country because of war. Blues is a slow, sad, rhythmic music developed by black Americans. The poem dramatizes the condition of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany in the years before World War II, especially the indifference and antagonism they faced...

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The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Immigration and Refugee Board is the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. 2. The Ontario Statutory Powers Procedure Act (SPPA) does not apply to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. 3. The Immigration and Refugee Board is subject to a right to statutory appeal as per section 62 and section 63(1)…..63(5) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. 4. The procedural steps or facts about the determination of inadmissibility as per the Immigration and Refugee Board is as follows:...

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Chechen Refugee Camps and Education

Chechen Refugee Camps and Education 620/ PSYCH April 14, 2014 Dr. Neysa Hatcher Chechen Refugee Camps and Education The creation of schools is one of the leading ways to produce hope and stability in refugee camps. Many would love to go to school because, currently they have no other option, but to teach themselves. Refugees can recall having great memories of their past school experiences, which they use as motivation to continue to learn. On account of my involvement with a refugee relief...

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Narrative and Systemic Approaches with Refugee Populations

Narrative and Systemic Approaches with Refugee Populations Colleen Cummings SOWK 5208 - 090 August 7, 2013 Narrative and Systemic Approaches with Refugee Populations In today’s world millions of displaced people have had to flee or have been forced to leave their homes. These people may be internally displaced within their own borders or living in another country with refugee status, having left due to war, natural disasters, shifts...

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis- Student Resolution

FORUM: General Assembly ISSUE: The Syrian refugee crisis MAIN SUBMITTED BY: The Russian Federation The General Assembly, _Acknowledging_ the fact that the civil war in Syria is affecting the neighboring countries, _Recognizing_ the efforts of Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other countries receiving over 2 million refugees, _Fully Alarmed by_ the fact that the civil war has been spread to Lebanon and could further be spread, _Fully Aware_ by the fact that many countries...

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Australia: Refugee Crime Wave Nothing but Hogwash

Refugee crime wave nothing but hogwash The debate of increasing Australia’s refugee intake has created much controversy which condemns migrants for contributing to an increase in crime rates. This issue has stirred much debate within the Australian media with certain individuals believing this conviction to be true, others such as Sinclair Davidson seek to elucidate the manipulative nature of authorities who he deems, are advantageously using this topic of concern to garner support for their notion...

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1951 Refugee Convetions; Importance in Protecting Regugees

In what way is the 1951 Refugee Convention (and 1967 Protocol) important in protecting refugees today? Refer to specific measures and rights outlined in the Convention and the Protocol. The States that signed the 1951 Refugee Convention agreed to assist and protect the refugees and helping them to a new start.[1] What this mean and how it is important, this essay will give attempt to discuss by looking at some of its articles and then move on to an example of where and how it has been implemented...

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A Review of Outcasts United: The Story of a Refugee Soccer Team That Changed a Town

Outcasts united The story of a refugee cocker Team that changed a town Warrant St. John Published in USA, Apr 2009,320 pages. About this Book Outcasts United is the story of a refugee soccer team, a remarkable woman coach and a Small southern town turned upside down by the process of refugee resettlement. In the 1990s, that town, Clarkston, Georgia, became a resettlement center for refugees And a modern-day Ellis Island for scores of families from war zones...

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Compare and Contrast Auden’s and Faulks’ Use of Detail Establish a Feeling of Alienation in ‘Refugee Blues’ and ‘the Last Night’

Compare and contrast Auden’s and Faulks’ use of detail establish a feeling of alienation in ‘Refugee Blues’ and ‘The Last Night’ Both Sebastian Faulks and W. H. Auden write about the tales of Jewish refugees living in the time of holocaust during WW2 in their two pieces, ‘The Last Night’ and ‘Refugee Blues’. By using literary techniques such as imagery and tone both writers, Auden and Gray create a sense of alienation for the characters portrayed in their writing. Both Auden and Gray create a...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Refugee Movements to both Recieving and Losing Countries

A Refugee is someone who has fled his or her country because he or she fears persecution based on race, religion, nationality, social group, or political opinion. The definition is sometimes expanded to include people fleeing war or other armed conflict. Asylum seekers are quite different than Refugees and they are usually defined as people who claim to be a refugee. Often, an asylum seeker must undergo a legal procedure in which the host country decides if he or she qualifies for refugee status...

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How Is the Figure of the Refugee Represented in Abdulrazak Gurnah's by the Sea?

Analyse the Representation of the Figure of the Refugee in Abdulrazak Gurnah’s By the Sea The purpose of this essay is to examine Abdulrazak Gurnah’s presentation of the refugee through the individual identity of the novel’s protagonist, Saleh Omar. While there is a wealth of criticism across the genre of contemporary diasporic literature as a whole, relatively little research has been conducted on By the Sea specifically. This essay will therefore seek to provide a close reading of the episode...

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Offshore Processing of Asylum Seekers

right to safety. (evidence) most show that refugee detainees are under conditions far worse than prison convicts. Fifthly, in addition to refugee law, international human rights law and Australian law both prohibit the expulsion of people to places where they are at risk of torture, the death penalty, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, or arbitrary deprivation of life. Australia seems to conveniently brush aside Article 31 in the Refugee Convention 1951 that requires countries not...

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Case Study Somalia Famine

there was extended drought in the horn of Africa and Somalia was the worse effected. The combination of this drought and the conflict that had been going on for 20 years cause people to leave the country in mass, around 3,000 people a day, to get to refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. Causes Political: Most of southern Somalia is controlled by the al-Shabab Islamist group, which refused international aid organisations, including the World Food Programme, entry to its areas two years...

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Has the Treatment of Asylum Seekers Significantly Changed Since the Rudd Government Ended the 'Pacific Solution'?

Australia because of a resurgent Taliban and the war in Sri Lanka were factors likely to increase boat arrivals (Crock p.7). However, on 9 April 2010 the government significantly curtailed the rights of asylum seekers by suspending the processing of refugee claims from individuals that arrived from Afghanistan for six months and those from Sri Lanka for 3 months (Crock p.8). A Joint Media Release from Stephen Smith MP (Minister for Foreign Affairs) and Brendan O’Connor MP (Minister for Home Affairs)...

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Asylum Seekers in Australia

shores, for the majority, hope for a better life is not the case. Instead, these aslyum seekers are imprisoned. Many, if not all, are innocent. Being punished for being innocent? People working in the field of migrant and refugee, claim that non-genuine applicants for refugee status are a very small minority, this is highly unfair to genuine applicants, the majority. (http//www.socialjustice.catholic.org.au). Like the saying, Keeping the whole class in because one child spoke. By Australian...

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my paper

an asylum seeker different to a refugee? • An asylum seeker is someone who has fled their country of origin due to a well-founded fear of persecution and has applied for protection in another country. In Australia, the government distinguishes between two groups of asylum seekers: those who have ‘authorised entry’ and those with ‘unauthorised entry’. Authorised entrants arrive in Australia with a valid visa, like students or tourists, who then apply for refugee status. After their visa expires...

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Alice and Her Struggle to Reach America

Project: Chapter 2-Alice Ingabire-Schaut; Rwanda Alice Ingabire-Schaut came to the United States in 1998 from a Tutsi tribe in Rwanda, which is in central Africa. Even though Alice is from Rwanda, she spent most of her childhood as a political refugee in Uganda. In 1994, the Hutu government that ruled Rwanda, killed thousands of Tutsis and then collapsed when the rebels attacked. Alice had joined many Tutsis that were flooding back into their homelands. When she returned, the air smelled of death...

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ASSIGNMENT Humanrights

first glance this may confirm Luttwak’s hypothesis – that intervention prolongs war – it actually speaks to the dangers of disengagement by the international community. Another issue tackled by Luttuwak, is the United Nation’s attitude in creating refugee camps with large infrastructure and in many cases, providing to the refugees communities better conditions than back in their home country. ( Luttwak, 2004) Luttwak argues that “By keeping refugees alive in spartan conditions that encouraged their...

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Sociology of Migration

asylum seeks living in Direct Provision Centres in Ireland. An asylum seeker is a person who has fled their own country of residence and enters another country in the hope of receiving protection as a refugee. As stated by United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, a refugee can be defined as a person who has fled their own country and unwilling to return because of owing to a fear of being persecuted because of their religion, nationality, race, political opinion or membership...

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It Is Important That Refugees Show Compliance to the Laws of the Contracting State

human rights violations and violence. Walking away from danger with one's valuables makes a refugee vulnerable to robbery from armed robbers. Young boys are always susceptible to being kidnapped and forced to fight for a military group. Women of all ages are potential rape victims. Children are no longer assured of receiving an adequate education. NGOs have trouble ensuring the safety of those who live in refugee camps (Madu, 2005). Refugees also occasionally have problems receiving food and water because...

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Personal Reflective - Anh Do

Personal Reflection “The Happiest Refugee” – Anh Do. English Communications 3 – Line 6 Renee Hall. Teacher – Amanda Williams. Renowned comedian, Anh Do’s award winning autobiography The Happiest Refugee is a heart-warming and touching journey that leads the audience through Do’s experiences from his early days as a child in Vietnam, to his successful career as an influential television personality and well know Australian stand-up comedian. Throughout the text, Do explores many ideas and...

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Was the League of Nations a Success?

home lands. It was estimated in the first few years of the war about 400,000 prisoners were returned to their homes by the League’s agencies. This made the League successful because it meant that when a refugee crisis hit Turkey in 1922 hundreds of thousands of people had to be housed in refugee camps. The League acted quickly to stamp out cholera, smallpox and dysentery in the camps. This made the League seem strong and like they were working hard. Another successful point of the League was the...

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Perceptions of Belonging

Crucible”, which provides a means of portraying the negative repercussions of society’s lack of understanding and conflicting pressures to conform. This idea is furthered in George Orwell’s novel “Nineteen-Eighty-Four” (1984) and W.H Auden’s poem “Refugee Blues.” These texts encapsulate the ambivalent notions of belonging and evaluate the significance of social values and attitudes upon one’s sense of social inclusion and exclusion. Society’s need for individuals to conform to the wider society...

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Legal Studies Effective Asylum Seekers

Under the 1951 Refugee Convention a refugee is defined as a person who has a well founded fear of being persecuted, whether because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, and if they are outside the country of their nationality and if they are unable, or owing to such fear, unwilling to avail himself/herself of the protection of that country, they are deemed a refugee. * Asylum seekers are people who are seeking refugee status and safety...

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National Geographic

and anti-government Islamic rebels called mujahedeen. Millions of refugees were pouring over the borders into Pakistan to escape the fighting. National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry was in the region for a story on the refugee crisis. While touring a refugee camp on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, he entered a large tent that served as a girls’ school. The first child he saw was a shy girl with fiery eyes, about 12 years old. McCurry approached the girl, and she agreed to let him take...

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Interview with an immigrant

oppressed government. A year after his election my parents made the choice that it was time for me to go to America.” Transit The transit stage involves the physical movement from one country to another. Ms. Stephenson journey was not that of a refugee, where it can be dangerous and life threatening. Ms. Stephenson traveled through transportation of plane to come to the United States. Upon her arrival, Ms. Stephenson was detained by the authorities. “Immigrants who are taken into detention from...

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Ap Human Geo Chapter 3 Outline

gave papers to undocumented workers. d. Many from Mexico q) Regions of Dislocation * The refugee situation changes frequently as some refugee return home, conditions permitting, and new streams suddenly form. s) Sub-Saharan Africa had the largest number of refugees in the world as well as the greatest potential for new refugee flows. r) US Migration Patterns * The US 3 main migration periods: t) Settlement of colonies...

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Refugees Have a Negative Effect on the Economy of the Country

and they have had to make tough decisions about where they should go. This essay will look at few important reasons that refugees can negatively impact on the economy of the country. The world is observing the World Refugee Day today. The definition of the word refugee is sometimes expanded to include that people fleeing war or other armed conflict. Generally, it is because of political conflicts, war, violence, persecution, torture – that drives people to leave their homes. We see that from...

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Society and Culture Depth Study Asylum Seeker

country in which they hope to be granted refugee status. The Australian public opinion towards asylum seekers has often been unwelcoming at best and hostile at worst and this is often the way the media has portrayed the influx of people seeking asylum in Australia. Prime Minister Julia Gillard's asylum seeker policy aims to tackle people smuggling. The Government is stepping up efforts to process asylum seekers offshore, and has recently negotiated a refugee swap deal with Malaysia. Opposition Leader...

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Discrimination against Asylum seekers and Refugees remains a social issue- Discuss

to date. Firstly it is important to understand what both the terms mean. The term ‘asylum seeker’ is referred to someone who applies for asylum in another country for refugee status on the basis of protection. The term ‘refugee’ is usually adopted for those who, having applied for asylum and have been given recognised refugee status. It usually encompasses those who have received status either exceptional leave to remain or indefinite leave to remain in the country. Refugees and asylum seekers...

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Citizenship & Immigration Canada

 A program there are three ways you can apply for permanent residence:  = Caring for Children Pathway  = Caring for people with high medical needs Pathway  = Live­in Caregiver Program  •Refugees: ​ A program where you can find out how to come to Canada as a refugee,  sponsor a refugee or find refugee services in Canada.    2. Find out more about the ​ Federal Skilled Workers​  program​  option.   a. In order for your application to be eligible for processing what must you have?    I must have the application package where I fill things out and also to pay for the ...

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Nuer Refugees from Sudan

the first challenge that the Nuer had to overcome and that was the leave everything they ever owned in their homeland and move on to the refugee camps, which were scattered all over Africa. Moving to a refugee camp from your home was a tough thing to do. Moving between camps was even tougher. However, the toughest thing actually had to be to live in a refugee camp. The conditions in theses camps were unbearable and make it difficult to make it from one day to the next. Most Nuer found this to be...

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Discrimination against Vietnamese Immigrants in America

adapt to the American culture. Vietnamese endured a difficult journey. , As they arrived in America people thought of them as burdens to society. Americans thought of Boat People as burdens as because they had to set up refugee camps. The United Nations helped set up these refugee camps. However, poor living conditions transpired in these camps. (Vietnamese Americans.¨). These poorly funded camps resulted in inadequate living conditions. Refugees had to put good living conditions on hold until they...

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Are Current Methods of Dealing with Refugees Effective?  Refer to One or More Countries as Examples.

Are current methods of dealing with refugees effective?  Refer to one or more countries as examples.

Throughout the world, societies have welcomed frightened, weary strangers, the victims of persecution and violence. The refugee crisis in the modern world occurs largely as a result of civil wars, famine and the violation of human rights. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, refugees refer to those who have fled their homes because of a fear of persecution and to seek refuge...

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Vietnamese Immigration

- 125,000 Vietnamese during the Spring of 1975, as part of “Operation New Life.” The Vietnamese immigrants were brought to US government bases in Guam, Thailand, Wake Island, Hawaii and the Philippines. Subsequently, they were transferred to 4 refugee centers: Camp Pendleton in California Fort Chaffee in Arkansas Eglin Air Force Base in Florida Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania. As might be expected when immediately following the Vietnam war, the American populous did not welcome Vietnamese...

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Go Back to Where You Came from Documentary Analysis

During her time in the refugee camp in Kenya we see further changes in Raquel. She states that she will no longer use the term “black people” instead she will say Africans. We see this characterisation develop in all of the characters with the exception of Darren who remains fixed that asylum seekers decision to come by boat is wrong. Another technique used in the documentary to challenge the viewers’ assumptions was the use of narration to present facts about the refugee situation. These facts...

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mental health of refugees in europe

es get treated and what forms of  psycho­social support there is for them. 2. Facts about Displaced People According to UN DESA there are 214 mio. migrants in the world. ( UN DESA, 2010). Furthermore there are 27,5 mio. IDP1 in 2010 ( Norwegian Refugee Council, 2010) and  15,4 mio. refugees worldwide ( UNHCR, 2010).  Europe is hosting 72,1 mio. immigrants ( UN DESA, 2008) and 1,6 mio refugees ( UNHCR  2010). 594 000 refugees are said to stay in Germany and 10, 8 mio immigrants are living  here long term...

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Outcast United

The book Outcast United by Warren St. John is about groups of refugee families that come to a small community in America from around the world to try and start a better life through employment, education and even sports. Throughout their journey in Clarkston, Georgia they had to over come many obstacles to fulfill the American Dream. From unpleasant encounters with the police, violent gangs, to the hardship on the soccer field, resettlement in Clarkston was not a easy thing to do, regardless of...

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Bridging the Gap

This essay will explain what is meant by the term climate change refugee, how governments determine whether or not an individual should be classified as an environmental refugee and which countries are most at risk from climate change. It will also examine the question of who is responsible for climate change refugees, what mitigation strategies are currently in place and what future proposals are being considered. Climate change refugee is a relatively recent term that has come into use more frequently...

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Foreign Exchange

and experience to work in the position. Currently I am working as NUNV Protection Assistant at UNHCR. Previously, I worked for about a year with registered and unregistered Rohingya refugees in the research project ‘Mainstreaming the Rohingya Refugee Issue in Bangladesh: Need for Networks and Capacity Building’ under Centre for Alternatives which was funded by CIDA. I also served as Programme Associate in D.Net (Development Research Network). I got honours and masters degree in International...

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Jordan Syria Conflict

Palos Verdes Peninsula HS Topic: North Syrian Refugee Crisis History and Background As Syria’s uprising descends into an increasingly bloody civil war, the number of refugees fleeing the fighting has rocketed. In August 100,000 people escaped to safety in the neighboring states of Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq. The rate of people seeking refuge has brought the total to over 235,000 registered refugees, according to The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR. The number of unregistered refugees...

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United States and Country

Temporary Migration- Limited period (Few years/months) Push Factor- Pushing us away from the country Pull Factor- Pulling us into the new country Economic Migrant- Moves into a country for economic purposes. (Jobs) Moves voluntarily. Refugee- Forced to move for purposes such as war. 2A) Write a letter as a migrant explaining why you want to live in the USA and what the USA might gain from you being there. I would like to move from Mexico to the USA because I would like to have...

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Essay: Human rights. Deals with child soldiers, child sex tourism, and mandatory detention.

does not treat asylum seekers equally compared with asylum seekers in other countries. However, in 2008, asylum centres were shut down on islands off Australia, a move highly welcomed by the HREOC and UN Refugee Agency. The Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (1951) states that a refugee seeking protection from persecution shall not be penalised for entering a country without valid documentation. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) states that “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary...

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Boat People

communist takeover. Fewer than a thousand Vietnamese successfully fled the nation.” For the people that were able to flee, they fled safely to refugee camps in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Hong Kong. Many of these boat people that fled to these countries became their permanent home; on the other hand others used the refugee camps as a resting place until they were able to travel again. In addition once they were ready to move again they typically travelled overseas...

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Legal Studies Preliminary Essay: Asylum Seekers

refugees seeking asylum in Australia. The basis for all legislation regarding refugees in Australia is the Migration Act 1958, which outlines powers such as being able to cap the number of refugees accepted into Australia each year, and defines a refugee as somebody “being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion”, which is written according to the United Nation’s definition.12 Since then a number of amendments and additions...

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millions of refugee children without a safe place to call home. There are millions of children being used for labour instead of going to school. There are women and girls that cannot unleash their potential in life simply because they are female. The IKEA FOUNDATION is always creates better opportunities for them. But they cannot do it in their own. Every day, together with their partners IKEA helps children in need to strengthen their opportunities. Their partners are UNICEF, the UN Refugee Agency,...

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 but didn’t have enough money to fully support him. He  worked as a cleaner at a local hospital, and while he cleaned up he would listen to the doctors  talk. Later, he took a test to qualify as a full purpose dresser. He would eventually flee his home  and become a refugee in the US. Hai Long was born in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City in 1943. He  had a wealthy and well educated family. His family supported him to study noble school in  Vietnam; also, he was humble and loved to volunteer. Besides, he got an offer from the Vietnam ...

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Vietnamese Migration to Australia

nations. ‘A swift, generous and humanitarian response’ (Jack & Templeton, 1994) to this growing refugee problem was to be expected, however the Australian government was unprepared and therefore criticized heavily for its reaction. The government was forced to take action and sent teams over to the camps to select migrants to bring back, as the Museum of Victoria (2012) reports. In 1976 the first refugee boat arrived and was accepted on humanitarian grounds. Many boats came to Australia during the...

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Go back to where you came from

Australian documentary/reality show in which participants are given the opportunity to experience what the life of refugee and asylum seeker can be like, albeit edited and packaged for an audience. During the course of the three hour long series, the six individuals not only have the chance to get under the skin of a refugee in terms of achieving a greater degree of insight into what being a refugee really means, but also to get on the viewing audiences nerves in perhaps all or any of the of the first three...

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Strictly ballroom

own identity in an increasingly diverse world. Not belongiong can create lonely feelings of isolation or alienation which result in a loss of identity and self esteam. Director Baz Luhrmann’s film, Strictly Ballroom (1993) and the 1939 poem “Refugee Blues” by W.H Auden both convey distinct concepts concerning the subject of belonging and not belonging. Both texts emphasise the positive power of a sense of belonging has for an individual and the negative effects created by a sense of isolation...

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Afghanistan Refugees

Afghanistan Refugees 1970’s Afghanistan's Refugee Crisis by Hiram Ruiz , Margaret Emery | published September 24, 2001 Over the last two weeks, an estimated 15,000 Afghan refugees have fled to Pakistan, and hundreds of thousands more are reportedly on the move within Afghanistan. This latest flight of Afghans from their homes deepens a humanitarian crisis that has troubled the region for more than 20 years. Already, some 2 million Afghan refugees are living in Pakistan and more than 1.4 million...

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Asylum Seekers

make an application for refugee asylum in another country when they allege that they are escaping persecution. Every person who arrives in Australia without a valid visa or travel document is deemed to have arrived illegally and is held in immigration detention. Detention is mandatory, whether a person arrives by boat or aeroplane. If they make a claim to stay in Australia on the grounds that they are refugees, they are held in detention until their claim for refugee status is assessed. While...

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asylum seekers

information through mass media, Australians views regarding to people who reached or try to reach in their country have changed and these views are leading towards anti asylum seekers sentiments which are not actually powered by racism factor. The UN refugee convention recognizes that refugees have a right to enter a country for the purposes of seeking asylum with the no matter of how they arrive and whether they hold valid travel or identity documents. But this factor is also considerable that the people...

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