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Xcom 285

By paquse Jun 09, 2013 1097 Words
Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Repor

Many wonder whether or not now is the right time to go back to school and still others feel it's too late. Education leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to success and our company has just implemented a budget to compensate those individuals who'd like to further their education in business and communications. This paper will touch on the attributes of business and communication degrees and its endless possibilities along with the income potential and how this too may benefit our company.

When we mentioned the opportunities within the business and communications degrees it would first serve to understand what this degree is, training within a university or vocational school leading to certificates or degrees such as an associates or bachelors obtained at a university or a certificate from a tech or vocational training facility. Through-out the curriculum individuals should have practiced and familiarized themselves with written communications, software and public speaking skills.

People with degrees of business and communication have the upper hand compared to those that don't hold a degree. Those individuals holding degrees obviously have a better chance of advancing within the company. This way both the individual and the company benefit from this move as with employees look to grow within a company, make more money and be a part of a stable and comfortable environment (Madison, 2009).

Furthering education in business communication through the workplace has its advantages. Employees are faced with lots of options such as serving as spokes persons for their company where they will be entrusted to keep good interactions. They would be required to keep great inner communication assisting those involved with publishing, company and corporate representative. This career choice also opens up doors in sales, politics and any community groups (Job Descriptions Business Communications, 2008). Individuals who major in this field are very knowledgeable and skilled in customer relations, critical thinking and writing and trouble shooting. Having these skills will definitely allow for advancement in the company. In the business sector individuals learn to work with many people in different scenarios. They are big on competition and adapt to any retail condition becoming a asset to the company.

We then are left to search out what kind of figures one is entitled to when earning a degree in business. As we know that one of the main reasons we get a degree is to make more money and obviously you will be worth a whole lot more once you have completed your studies and achieved that diploma. It is thought that with a college degree you will make more money than someone who simply has a high school diploma or G.E.D. for example high school graduates can make anywhere up to 39,000, someone with an associates about 10,000 more than the high school diploma and with a bachelor degree about 20,000 more than that of the associates degrees (Dividends of a College Education, 2009).

As you all may be aware by now a budget has been approved therefore it will set aside a substantial amount of money for the workers of this company to partake of. This will entitle the company to know what benefits or aids are available to them. One of the more important factors of this which favors the company is the possibility of keeping their employees with the company for longer times. Companies are definitely concerned with keeping employees especially during a difficult economy. In order to keep employees they should be compensated and rewarded as well as paid fairly according to their job description, they too can offer the employee tuition reimbursement which serves as incentives to keep employees with the company (Shuffler, 2008). One of the catches of this reimbursement program is that the employee, to make certain they aren't cheating the company out of funds, is required to keep a certain grade point average. Another advantage is that the employees participating in this program are preparing themselves for any other possibilities outside of the company for example they are adding to their resumes as well as acquiring the experience needed in case things don't work out with this company that is why it is important to coerce them into believing this is the company for them. Some companies will only sponsor one individual at the work place to the education program where we will open the door to any and all individuals looking for advancement. This in turn is a small contribution of the company versus the amount spent on training new personnel instead this is seen as a long term investment for the company to sponsor employees in furthering the education in business communication.

Implementing this Tuition Reimbursement program for employees to get a degree in business can add to the company assets as those that will take advantage of this program will most likely be individuals that will want to stay employed with the company. This may also move those individuals that are looking for a little excitement or competition in their life, people who may just want to add another title under their belts. In some instances there are individuals who just enjoy education and may just want to learn a new field of profession whether or not they are seeking for advancement with in their place of employment. During this time many of those individuals that are partaking of the program can truly think about what they want and where they want to be within the company as in positions and of course better compensation. Everyone would love to make more money so why not give them an opportunity to advance by continuing their education, one in the business interactions field. The company has already approved this program and has funded it all that remains is to spread the word as quickly as possible so that we can get under way of building our future. All the attributes possible by obtaining such a degree was mentioned earlier as well as the options available and doors opening for such individuals training in business. In the end they will make well by taking advantage of this program and moving ahead with their futures and our companies.

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