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649411 NB Inc. DBA the Pita Pit | To: | Jeremy Fox, Franchisee | From: | Wayne Mallet | Date: | 9/12/2012 | Re: | Recommendation of a Mission Statement |


Here is the Mission Statement requested which will be used in your Business Strategy for your new enterprise operating the Pita Pit Franchise here in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

At Pita Pit we cater to those who expect the best in product and service. We meet this challenge by serving only the finest quality food made fresh and never microwaved, by showing superior appreciation and a professional attitude by the best trained staff towards each and all customers to insure continued business. We recognized that good corporate citizenship is an essential quality to assure positive community relations and will endeavor to be the best recognized fast food brand in each of our host communities. It is our belief that by meeting our corporate goals of the best product served by the best staff, we will achieve our ultimate goal of being the public’s first choice in pita bread take-out/eat-in business.
In defining our mission statement it was important to consider the external environment in which we compete and be able to recognize our internal weaknesses and utilize those strengths that we can capitalize on (see appendix 1 – SWOT Analysis).
Although there are few Pita fast foods business existing in the capital region there are many fast food establishments for which our common customers may choose from. Many of these establishments have much better recognizable brand names than ours and are well established in the community. There are few fresh produce suppliers in the region but this disadvantage works against all those whom we compete with. It is important to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we need to key on the opportunity that exists for foods that are freshly made and are healthier than those produced by our competitors. There is plenty of evidence that consumers want

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