World war 1

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Justina Saed
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World War I

World War I was a destructive and horrible war. It lasted from 1914 to 1918. The causes of WWI were alliances, militarism, and imperialism. What do you think was the underlying cause of WWI? The idea of the term underlying simply means the main idea. Also, the definition of the word cause in this case meant the reasons WWI began. The three causes of WWI were alliances, militarism, and imperialism, however the main cause was imperialism.

One of the 3 causes of WWI was alliances. Bismarck created alliances with Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy, known as central powers. In response, France, Russia, and Great Britain formed their own entente, known as allied powers. The map in document A shows the European alliances in 1914, which was the year when the war began. Though, what it doesn’t show is that in 1915, Italy switched over to allied powers while Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire was added onto the central powers. The news cartoon, “The Crime of the Ages” in Document B shows all the countries involved with WWI pointing fingers at each other, except for Italy because Italy was just dragged into this. Without Italy the central powers would be surrounded with all enemies. They are all trying to figure out who it is to blame for the death of the peace of Europe. The peace of Europe killed after the short amount of time of just a week after Russia declared war.

The next cause was militarism. Document C states Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Great Britain, Russia, and France has very increased in growth in armaments from 1890 to 1914. From 1890 to 1914 the amount of British pounds spent on the army and navy from Germany and Austria-Hungary increased almost 400%. Also, Great Britain, Russia, and France spent over 200% from the same period of time. In document D Bernhard von Bulow, the German chancellor, spoke “...German people will be a hammer or an avil.” Bulow worried that England, France, and Russia...
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