World War I

Topics: World War I, World War II, United States Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: March 29, 2014

The World War I was referred as the first “Total War” from historians and to others the “Great War”. The World War I was very tragic because of countries that were involved in the War. During this time Woodrow Wilson was the President, and he was the 28th President in the United States. Wilson wanted to keep the United States neutral during the World War I. This essay will explain why Wilson abandoned his policy of neutrality and justify American involvement in a European conflict. During the World War I Countries joined together for mutual benefits for the War. The European nation formed alliances. The Triple Entente was “Britain, France, and Russia” where on the other hand, the Triple Alliance was “Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. In addition Japan was allied with Britain. The alliances were constructed way before the war even started. However Britain, France and Germany wanted more land, resources and power. Germany was a country in the empire building business as well (Miller, Gormly, & Woestman, 2014). Therefore Nationalists started rising in European countries in order to protect their interests and gain more power, that’s why the empires gain interest in allies. The United States of America joined alliances power in 1917. Nonetheless the World War I was a war that was created to end all wars such as, “the war to end all wars” because so many countries participated in the World War I. As a result of this it was also the beginning of various military gear and civilian technologies. Woodrow Wilson was President between the years of (1856-1924). Knowing that Wilson was the President of the United States of America he led the War between the years of (1914-1918). The time the World War I begun in 1917 in Europe Wilson mission was to keep the United States neutral. Wilson was a man of peace for his nation, and some people did not like that because some people felt that Charles...
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