World War II

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: July 24, 2014
WWII Reading Questions

1. Who was Joe Louis, why is he important, and why did he help to increase black enlistment into the military? He was important because he defeated a white boxer and encouraged blacks to enlist in the army 2. What was the first concentration camp and when was it set up? Dachau, 1933

3. What groups of people were targeted during the Holocaust? Jews, Gypsies, Polish Catholic, Russians, mentally and physically disabled, homosexuals, and political prisoners. 4. What was the “Final Solution”?

The mass murder of Jews
5. Based on the reading, describe Auschwitz.
more than 1.6 million were killed in Auschwitz, they didn't feed babies to see how long they could survive 6. During the 1930s, how was widespread anti-Semitism demonstrate by the US? The US only let 10 percent of the quota of Jewish people allowed into the country 7. How many nations were involved in WWII and where did fighting take place? 70 nations were involved.

8. How many people participated in the war and how many people died? over 70 million people served
9. Which nation suffered the greatest number of deaths? Which nation suffered the least? Soviet troops, Germans, and Japanese suffered the most and Americans suffered the least amount of death 10. In what ways did the world change because of the war?

The world is more observant of situations and people like hitler and WWII lead to the Nuclear age 11. How was US sentiments about international relations prior to WWII similar to feelings prior to WWI? because before WWI they were striving for isolationism and they are striving for it again after WWII 12. Why was the Kellogg-Briand Pact unsuccessful?

because the other nations didn’t agree with it so the other nations went to war anyways and tried bringing America into it. 13. In 1935, how did a large percentage of college students feel about war? Why did many people feel this way? They weren’t going to...
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