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Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal societies all relied on bureaucracies that drew inspiration from the steppe traditions of Turkish and Mogol people and from the heritage of Islam, they adopted similar policies, they looked for ways to keep peace in their societies which were made up of different religious and ethnic backgrounds, and they were associated with literary and artistic talents. Military and religious factors gave rise to all three of these empires. The Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman...

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Military of Ottoman Empire

 Military of Ottoman Empire Military of Ottoman Empire was set up in 1299 (According to some resources 1363). During the five hundred years of The Ottoman Empire, The Army had many changing in itself. However, it is a fact that The Ottoman Army was strong enough to provide The State’s rule over the three continents. The military can be divided two main parts to examine the history of Ottoman Military. First one is Classic Process. The process included from establishment to military reforms...

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Kurdish Notables and Ottoman Empire

Kurdish Notables and the Ottoman State by Hakan Özoğlu Review by: Buşra Özdemir, 211553806 Published by State Univ of New York (February 2004) Series: Suny Series in Middle Eastern Studies Hardcover: 192 pages Rise of Kurdish Nationalism This book examines the issue in the context of Ottoman Empire. It focuses primarily on understanding the social, political, and historical forces behind the emergence and development of Kurdish nationalism in the Ottoman context which it was born. Also, this...

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Dbq-Greek Ottoman Empire

The greeks, between the eighteenth century and early nineteenth century, fought for independence from the Ottoman impire. In 1821, when the Greeks revolted against Ottoman turk rule, the Concert of Europe was hardly invoked at all. The cries for freedom from that home of ancient democracy excited liberals throughout Europe, and early demonstration of the power of nationalist movements that would be repeated throughout the century. By 1827, British and French fleets intervened to support the Greek's...

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Ottoman Empire

Caitlin Yilmaz Mr. Tunstead Social Studies Period 1 H 4 March 2013 The Ottoman Empire During the Middle Ages, the Pope, Pope Urban, called for a crusade at the Council of Clermont. Urban claimed that the goal was to reclaim the Holy Land, but the real reason behind the Crusades was not for God, but for power. The Pope wanted to extend his power over the Byzantine Empire. The first few Crusades were about reclaiming the Holy Land, but when the fourth Crusade came, the religious ideals were shed in...

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Ottoman Empire

the Ottoman Empire The formation of the Ottoman Empire started about the beginning of the fourteenth century. The first land controlled by the Ottoman Empire was the Anatolian peninsula. The Ottoman Empire would become on of the most successful states because of a variety of reasons including the fall of the Byzantium Empire, military tactic, and more to be addressed. This combination of reasons was required for the Ottoman Empire to become so powerful. The beginning of the Ottoman Empire...

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Spanish and Ottoman Empires

and Ottoman Empires Beginning from when Sargon I of Akkad built the worlds first empire, many empires have since then been established and now hold a name that are both as eminent and momentous. Two of these such empire are the Spanish and the Ottoman Empires, which began to establish and expand around the time of 1450-1800. Although separate and located in different parts of the world, the Ottoman and Spanish Empires share many similarities, as well as many differences in their empire building...

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Notes: Safavid Empire

SAFAVID EMPIRE Key Focus: 1) The Ottoman (Sunni)-Safavid (Shi’ite) split in Dar al-Islam 2) Safavids’ use of religious extremism to inspire a following and forge an empire 3) Transition from heterodox ideology to orthodox theocracy under Shah Abbas I) The Safavid Rise to Power in Persia • 3 empires dominated by presence of Islam • M2oguls in India, Ottoman Empire, and Safavids a) Isma’il and the Messianic Ideology of the Qizilbash (warriors; “red heads” → their turbans) i) How did a 14 year-old...

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Decline of the Ottoman Empire

the Ottoman Empire The decline of the Ottoman Turks Empire despite the interventions to save it has always attracted the attention of historians. The decline which started in the second half of the 19th century is believed to have been as a result of conflicting political and social aspect in the empire as well as the economic situation of the empire. This led to the dismissal of the ottoman rulers by the Europeans as competent rulers who could lead the empire to modernization. The empire was faced...

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001 Guided Reading 24 The Ottoman Empire And East Asia 1800 1870 With Vocab

1    Name:​ Shaloma McDonald A.P. World History Guided Reading Chapter 24 “Land Empires in the Age of Imperialism, 1800 – 1870” Directions: You must answer who, what, where, when and why important for the vocabulary that are labeled with an asterisk and answer ALL of the questions. Answers should be in a different color font and should be turned in to turnitin.com and to the class crate when due. Terms: 1. ulama 2. Tanzimat 3. fez 4. percussion caps 5. breech-loading rifles 6. **extraterritoriality...

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