Work Study Is One of the Common Techniques That Can Be Used to Evaluate and Improve Productivity in Construction Operations. Describe the Two Major Branches of Work Study and How These Can Be Used to Improve Productivity.

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Work Study Definition: Work study can defined as the analysis of a task for the best optimal method and optimal time to perform. There for this method investigate two branches one is Method of work should carry out and the best timing to perform that task. So it focus on not only high production the efficiency of the production so called productivity. Influence of Work Study in Improving Productivity In order to recognize the function of work study, need to classify method study and that of time study. Method study is typically used to improve the method of performing work. It is applicable for new and existing task , method study focus to find more efficient and effective methods of doing the jobs that are cost-effective and safe, involve less man power input, and need shorter duration to complete. The better method associated with use of best materials and right manpower so that work is carryout in well controlled method towards to increased resource utilization, better quality and lower costs. Time study provides the standard time, the time duration actually required by worker to complete a task by the standard method. The standard time depend
 Work Schedule demand of Men , Machinery & tools
 Materials Schedule.
 Skill level of worker's and staff
 Monetary and non Monetary rewards scheme.
Frederick W. Taylor is founder of modern method and time study through scientific Classical Management approach in shop floor management context.
If we consider water supply pipe laying project The observation of existing system
 8 peoples work at site , one excavator excavating the trench when trench length exceed 7m
 The all people engage to the laying of pipe and after all of them are work for backfilling
 Rate of progress is 2 pipe per day at depth of 3 m and 400mm DI pipe laying
Step 1: Define the problem The progress is too slow and it is below the production rate of previous project. There is no method statement which practice on previous project.

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