Management Midterm Study Guide

Topics: Management, Decision making, Organization Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: November 11, 2012
BUS136 Intro to Management Midterm Topics of Emphasis
Management, Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations
by Plunkett, Allen and Attner

Management (Pg4) One or more managers individually and collectively setting and achieving goals by exercising related function (planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling) and coordinating various resources (information, materials, money, and people). Organization (Pg5) An entity managed by one or more persons to achieve stated goals. Diversity (Pg12) Includes people from differing age groups, genders, ethnic and racial backgrounds, cultural and national orgins, and mental and physical capabilities. Ethics (Pg11) The branch of philosophy concerned with what constitutes right and wrong human conduct, including values and actions, in a given set of circumstances. Top Management (Pg21) Plan for the entire organization and the acquisition of needed resources. They develop the organizations values, purpose, long term goals and partnership with outsiders. Planning (Pg19-20) Often called the first function because it lays the groundwork for all other functions. Five Primary Management Functions (Pg19-20) Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading, and Controlling Organizing (Pg20) Creates a structure to facilitate the accomplishments of all goals and all the management positions that support it. Human Skills (Pg26) The abilities to interact and communicate successfully with other persons. Conceptual Skills (Pg27) The mental capacity to conceive and manipulate ideas and abstract relationships. Technical Skills (Pg26) The abilities to use the processes, practices, techniques and tools of the specialty area a manager supervises. Classical Management Theory (Pg37) A theory that focused in finding the “one best way” to perform and manage tasks. Frederick Taylor (Pg38) Sometimes called the father of scientific management applied scientific methods to factory problems and urged the proper use of human labor, tools and...
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