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Work Sheet Class-VII Subject - Science WORK-SHEET
S.A. 1

Chapter - 1 Chapter - 2 Chapter - 3 Chapter - 4 Chapter - 5 Chapter - 6 Chapter - 7

Nutrition is plants Nutrition in animals Fibre to fabric Heat Acids, Bases and salts Physical & Chemical Changes Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals.

Prepared by : 1. Jayanti Singh (TGT, N.Sc.) GGSS, Avantika, Sec-1, Rohini 19955119 2. Upma Mittal (TGT, N.Sc.) GGSSS, Samaipur 19890509 Under the guidance of Mrs. Shashi Bala Saini (Principal) SV, Sec-7, Rohini


Lesson - 1
Nutrition in Plants
Q.1 Match the following :Column 1 a) b) c) d) e) f) Q.2 Plants Animals Pitcher Plant Fungi Lichens Cuscuta (Amarbel) Column II i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) Saprotrophs Autotrophs Heterotrophs Insectivorous Plant Symbiotic relationship Parasitic Plants Answer a b c d e f

Neatly label the following diagram.

Diagram showing photosynthesis Q.3 Label the following diagram of stomata.



Fill in the blanks


Complete the following equation representing photo oyntheris.

CO2 + Carbondioxide

Sunlight H2O ------------------- Car......hy ..........+ ox....g...... Water


Worksheet -2 L-2
Nutrition in Animals
Q.1 i) ii) iii) iv) v) Fill in the blanks. The conversion of complex food is called ________________ A ____________ is an association of symbiotic relationship between an alga and a fungus. A plant that has both autotrophic as well as heterotrophic mode of nutrition is ____________. The mode of taking in food by organism and its utilization by the body for its various activities is called _____________. The relationship in which two different organisms live together in such a way that benefit each other in some way is called the _______________. Q2. i) ii) Correct the following sentences by correcting the highlighted words : Roots are the main site of photosynthesis in plants. Boiled and cooled water with a pinch of salf and some sugar which is given to the patient suffering from diarrhea is called iodine solution. Ans. ______________________________________________________________ iii) iv) v) False feet in amoeba are called vacuoles. Cellulose is digested by ruminants in rumen. Green pigment present in leaves is rhizobium. Ans. ______________________________________________________________ Ans. ______________________________________________________________ Ans. ______________________________________________________________ Note :- Under lined words should be highlighted. Q.3 Match the items in Column I with Column II : Column I a) b) Liver Salivary gland i) ii) 4

Ans. ______________________________________________________________

Column II Acid release Storage of undigested food

c) d) e) f) Answer :

Small intestine Large intestine Rectum Stomach

iii) iv) v) vi)

Bile secretion Complete digestion Absorption of water Release of faeces

a. b. c. d. e. f. Q.4. Complete the table : Animal Snail Ant Eagle Butterfly Mosquito House Fly House Fly Help boxes : Column I Blood Nectar Waste food Sweet Blood Flesh Siphoning Capturing Sucking Column II Chewing Sucking Siphoning Kind of Food Mode of Feeding


Label the following diagrams :



Answers : A B C D E F G Help Box : Buccal Cavity Small Intestine Pancreas b) Oesophagus Liver Stomach Large Intesting

Answers : A B C D

Help Box : Bitter Sweet c) Salty Sour

Answer : A B C Help Box : Food Vacuole Nucleus Pseudopodia


Fibre to Fabric
Q.1 Cut & paste or draw & colour any four wool yielding animals.






Given below is a cross word puzzle based on this lesson. Use hints to fill in the blank spaces with letters that complete the words. (D) 1) 2) 3) Removal of fluce of a sheep (A) i) Separation of hair of different textures Thorough washing of sheep’s ii) Hair Rearing of silk worms. iii) Its leaves are eaten by silk worms. 3A

Covering of a pupa








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