Wireless Charging of Mobile

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Electromagnetic Spectrum

Microwave region

Why wireless charging using microwaves

Principle and operation

Transmitter Design

Receiver Design

Process of Rectification

 Advantages and Disadvantages

Future Scope




With mobile phones becoming a basic part of life,the recharging of mobile phone batteries hasalways been a problem. 
The mobile phones vary in their talk time andbattery stand by according to their manufacturer and batteries. 
 All these phones irrespective of their manufacturer and batteries have to be put to recharge after thebattery has drained out. 
To Eradicate this Problem, a new technology of Recharging the battery using Microwaves insteadof a battery charger has arrived.


The main objective of this current proposal is tomake the recharging of the mobile phonesindependent of their manufacturer and batterymake. 
The recharging of the mobile phones is doneautomatically as you talk in your mobile phone! 
This is done by use of microwaves.

Thus the more you talk, the more is your mobilephone charged! 
With this proposal the manufacturers would be ableto remove the talk time and battery stand by fromtheir phone specifications


 A spectrum is when white light is shone through aprism it is separated out into all the colors of therainbow this is the visible spectrum. 
The Speed of light is about 300,000,000 metersper second.

The visible spectrum is just one small part of theelectromagnetic spectrum. 
These electromagnetic waves are made up of totwo parts. The first part is an electric field. Thesecond part is a magnetic field. So that is why theyare called electromagnetic waves. The two fieldsare at right angles to each other


Microwave wavelengths range from approximatelyone millimeter (the thickness of a pencil lead) tothirty centimeters (about twelve inches). 
Microwaves are emitted from the Earth, fromobjects such as cars and planes, and from theatmosphere. 
These microwaves can be detected to giveinformation, such as the temperature of the objectthat emitted the microwaves. 
The microwave region in the Electromagneticspectrum ranges from 0.3cm to 300cm

Why wireless charging usingMicrowaves

Microwaves are good for transmitting informationfrom one place to another because microwaveenergy can penetrate haze, light rain and snow,clouds, and smoke. 
Shorter microwaves are used in remote sensing.

Microwaves are emitted from the Earth, fromobjects such as cars and planes, and from theatmosphere. 
Microwave radiation is still associated with energylevels that are usually considered harmless exceptfor people with pace Makers

Principle and Operation

The microwave signal is transmitted from thetransmitter along with the message signal usingspecial kind of antennas called slotted wave guideantenna at a frequency is 2.45 GHz. 
There are minimal additions, which have to bemade in the mobile handsets, which are the addition of a sensor, a “
”, and a filter.

Rectenna receives the transmitted power andconverts the microwave power to direct current(DC) power. 
Thus providing charging for the battery

Transmitter Design

The MAGNETRON is aself-containedmicrowave oscillator thatoperates differently fromthe linear-beam tubes,such as the TWT andthe klystron. 
CROSSED-ELECTRONand MAGNETIC fieldsare used in themagnetron to producethe high-power outputrequired in radar and communications equipment.


The basic addition to the mobile phone is going tobe the rectenna. 
Its elements are usually arranged in a meshpattern, giving it a distinct appearance from mostantennae. 
 A simple rectenna can be constructed from aSchottky diode placed between antenna dipoles. 
Rectennae are highly efficient at convertingmicrowave energy to electricity. 
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