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JAPS - Mobocharge

This device does not really need a DC charger to recharge the battery, In other words you need not charge your mobile phone at all. Imagine a phone that charges itself upon continuous tapping on screen. So how does this wonder phone work?

This is a TFT capacitive touch screen phone and uses human body heat as electricity to charge the mobile phone. It’s based on the nanotechnology engineering using a micro device called thermoelectric device. The thermoelectric device is integrated with the glass surface and transmits energy to the battery whenever a user touches the phone screen using his/her hand. And in the process the phone starts charging itself. In short the more the user uses the phone the better charged his/ her phone would be.

The phone comes with a variety of other functions very similar to the phone in its category. However a striking feature of this phone is on the top right hand corner. This is the turbo charge sensor.

What does the Turbo charger sensor do?

If at any point the user finds that the phone is low battery power, all that the user has got to do is place the thumb on the Turbo charger sensor and the battery would start charging itself. The beauty of this function is that it just takes 2.5 minutes to get it charged to bare minimum. Once it’s up and running the user can conveniently start using the phone and the phone would automatically start charging itself by the touch mechanism onscreen.

With other features like Bluetooth, wi-fi, …da..da…da….da… and I went off to sleep….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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