Will Jimeno

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Will Jimeno

Who was Will Jimeno

Jimeno was a Port Authority police officer who worked in the terminals in New York.

Jimeno wanted to be a police officer for his whole life and really loved his country and his job.

He had been working for the police department for 9 months
when this tragedy happened.

Jimeno had a great family and it was just starting as he had a baby on the way

What did Jimeno Do

Jimeno was a true worker as he did everything he could to save as many lives as he could. As he and another of his employees were going into tower 1, they had a very large boom sound and before they knew it they were trapped under all kinds of cement and debris that had fallen on them. He worked as hard as he

could to get out of the debris off of him so he could be free but he couldn’t do it himself.

Who saved Will Jimeno

With 13 hours in this terrible tragedy and being trapped under the rubble for that period of time, Jimeno thought for sure that he only had a very limited amount of time left on the earth. He didn’t know that there was help on the way, and these guys from the marines worked for a long time so Jimeno could get out of there. They were there for at least an hour trying to save Jimeno and for around four hours trying to save the person who was with Will Jimeno.

Time after this event

As you could imagine, Will suffered from some very bad injuries as his leg was crushed very badly. Will even stated that he would want it to be amputated if that was the only way to get out. He ended up getting to save his leg but wast able to save his carrer as his leg gave him too many problems and hurt too bad. One big thing that Will got to do was go and meet the president for some of the actions that Jimeno had done. Jimeno couldn’t believe that the president actually knew who he was. Jimeno still trys to stay active in the community and in the police department.

We will never forget Will Jimeno

A hard-working man who told future police officers to never give up as being able to save lives is what he enjoys to do

He risked his own life to save many others

Even though he cant do much he always try's to help out the
police department to this day.

Will trys to be a great person as this event inspired him to be a great dad and a great person to everyone around him

World Trade Center

As word got out about this amazing journey from waking up as a normal day to being stuck under the rubble of the world trade centers, the movie producers were all over about making a movie dedicated to Will Jimeno journey. Will went from being almost dead to being a movie sensation as this movie won multiple

awards. This Movie is a true dedication to Will Jimeno’s life and his service toward his country

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