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    The World Trade Center Height: 1‚368 and 1‚362 feet (417 and 415 meters) Owners: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Architect: Minoru Yamasaki‚ Emery Roth and Sons consulting Engineer: John Skilling and Leslie Robertson of Worthington‚ Skilling‚ Helle and Jackson Ground Breaking: August 5‚ 1966 Opened: 1970-73; April 4‚ 1973 ribbon cutting Destroyed: September 11‚ 2001 The World Trade Center was more than its signature twin towers: it was a complex of seven buildings on 16-acres

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    World Trade Center By Nicomi Kloempken Liberty University April 2014 World Trade Center Years after the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York city‚ Oliver Stone (1946-) directed the movie World Trade Center (2006 version). The movie follows the various characters thru their seemingly normal day of work; Except this day the terrorists fly two planes into the two towers. Nicholas Cage stars as the lead Port Authority Police officer‚ John McLoughlin. He says to his gathered

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    World Trade Center On September 11‚ 2001 a devastating tragedy occurred in the United States. Two hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City. Also‚ a plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington‚ D.C. The United States was under a terrorist attack. The United States will never be the same since the 9/11 tragedy. Oliver Stone directed a movie called "World Trade Center." It came out in the year of 2006. This movie of course is based on a true event. "World Trade Center" is

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  • World Trade Center Construction

    In order to understand how the World Trade Center collapsed we need to understand their structure. To save money and maximize floor space the two towers were built with a tube structure instead of the more common lattice structure. The tube structure was economically favorable because the structure required half the amount of steel compared to the lattice structure and created more floor space (one acre for every floor) without compromising the strength of the structure. This design also makes the

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  • The World Trade Center Effect

    The World Trade Center Effect Jamorn D. Driver Columbia Southern University The World Trade Center Effect On the morning of September 11‚ 2001‚ one of the world’s scariest terrorist attacks happened. This attack resulted in the destruction and extensive death killing over 3‚000 people‚ which 343 were New York City firefighters. “The World Trade Center collapsed in a massive cloud of dust and smoke. Once the floor collapsed where the aircraft entered into the building‚ the collapse progressed and

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  • 93 World Trade Center

    The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing Vernon T. Branson Jr. HSM 433 Counter Terrorism & Intelligence Analysis Instructor: Shawn VanDiver January 9‚ 2012 When most people think of the world trade center they immediately think of the attack that occurred September 11th 2001. Most forget that was not the first time that the world trade center’s had come under attack before. “The February 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City marked the beginning of an ugly new phase of

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  • Muslim Center Near the World Trade Center

    Composition9/Pd.3 May 9‚ 2013 Muslim center near the World Trade Center. Terror and fear was exhibited around the whole country in one day. This day is infamous for many Americans and is a day of remembrance. 9/11 was a day of sadness mixed with shock as we were at our most vulnerable. Twelve years later the devastation is still felt. Especially when a Muslim group wants to built a Muslim center‚ two blocks away from where the World Trade Center stood. The Muslim center will include a mosque for Muslims

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  • World Trade Center Research Paper

    The World Trade Center was and still is a historic site to see in America. The thought of the building the World Trade Center having the Twin Towers would make New York City one of the biggest tourist cities. The idea of making something were that had the concept around “world peace through trade.” was decided to be made in New York in 1939. (History.com Staff) The building of the World Trade Center was like an urban renewal project with places in it all the way to the destruction of it which was

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  • World Trade Center Christmas Bazaar

    liwanag mo‚ muling magkakakulay ang pasko. Dahil ikaw Bro‚ ang star ng pasko." this song by Kapamilya Artists was the first song I heard when I entered the gate of World Trade Center. World Trade Center was located at Pasay City. You can see big sound systems outside the center that gave a wonderful sound. So what’s with the World Trade Center? Why did I go there? Those questions will be answered by next lines of this story. I am wearing a white top with pink vest‚ a dark skinny jeans and a 4-inches

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  • Personal Narrative: The World Trade Center

    I was a tall skyscraper that was known to the world as World Peace Through Trade. In 1946‚ the New York Legislature came up with a group called The World Trade Corporation and they developed The World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. In 1958‚ the World Trade Center Corporations hired three guys named Skidmore‚ Owings‚ and Merrill to come up with a design for me. A year later the designs were released to the public. By the time they actually started constructing me it was August of 1968. It only

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