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The Most Annoying Things in My Life
Essay By: Sezan Vahpieva

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The Most Annoying Things:

I think everyone in our life have things that annoy them. I am one of those people and I have thousand things that bother me. In this essay it would be impossible to write all of them, so I will try to explain you some of the things that irritate me.

First of all I want to ask, why do those things annoy me? I will try to figure out the answer.

I have many situations in school, which annoy me a lot. For example in class, I try to concentrate on my work and listen to the teacher. But then everyone calls my name, and asks me to explain something. Especially this happens in maths classes. Our teacher gives us some exercises to do. I sit on my place, and start to do them, but then everyone asks me to help them. My classmates call my name at the same time, and I don’t know whom should I answer. So that’s one thing which annoys me.

Sometimes in class I want to talk to my classmate, and he or she has earphones in ears, and when I say something they don’t hear me. Then they take off the earphones, and say “What did you say.”

The thing is that I don’t want to repeat what I said, and it makes me feel strange. Hate when people can’t hear what you said, but you can’t repeat what you said, because you think about what you said again, and realise that it’s a stupid thing.

Also during lunch breaks we stand in a line to buy food. And you know what annoys me? I stand for an hour to buy a toast, and when I get there, the woman says that there are no toasts left. So why was I standing there? I just wasted time.

Also at home many things bother me. I have a sister who is seven years old. She finishes her homeworks early, and then disturbs everyone. I try to do my homework, but then my sister comes into my room, and starts...
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