Wild Sex

Topics: Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: November 30, 2008
If the film Basic Instinct’ is any yardstick to go by, wild sex is most found in couples who have either not had enough of each other or are simply intrinsically passionate by nature. An interesting feature of a sexual encounter of this type is that the more wilder it may be, the more chances there are for multiple orgasms to take place! The logic is simple.

Like abstinence is the best method of keeping couples together; this, like any other form of sex is based on absolute and intense forms of love making. Of course one cannot forget the long foreplays that manifests itself, making sex being more magnificent and magnanimous. Although there are no rules for you attain maximum pleasure, there are certain definite benefits from this form of an activity.

In literal terms, wild sex is the outcome of utmost pent up sexual energy, which when released can bring about a dizzy feeling of ecstasy, uncontrollable by the human mind. It is one form of bestiality that allows sadism to be most pleasurable. While foreplays are at their peak, the immense amount of heat released during an intercourse of this kind is enough to fry more than half a dozen eggs right atop your belly.

An absolute energy booster, wild sex should be indulged as infrequently as possible if you cannot bear to handle the circumstances. There are various forms of beastly acts that literally bring out the ’animal’ in you. Claws, fistings, any amount of love bites may not suffice in a high voltage drama as this one. An outpour of pent up energy when released is known to create havoc to the unprepared mind. Generally anything in excess is only a matter of either choice or practice.

The reason why I mention this act of passion to be infrequent is purely for it to amount to the maximum limit of dizziness that can be borne; generally speaking! If you think you are up to it, then perish my thought and advise, if not, and this generally happens when you’re unprepared, it might bring about pangs of...
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