Why I Believe in God

Topics: Atheism, Existence, Existence of God Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Cholpon Kurmanalieva

Why I believe in God

I often used to ask myself in the past, “who created all conveniences for human existence? Why is the distance between the Sun and the Earth comfortable for living? Why is there a good proportion of water and land; why do we have mountains, beautiful nature, animals and plants? Why do we have brain, 2 eyes, 2 feet, and 2 hands? Sure, there’s somebody who regulates all these processes on the Earth to make people live. And His name is God. Blaise Pascal says, “A person should believe in God just in case He exists.” As I understand, he says belief in God’s existence means belief in Him. Yes, people had better believe in God, but it doesn’t mean if they don’t, they will go to hell.

First, people need God to suppress their instincts and be more sensible. That time when the prophets of God lived, people were not humane. They could easily kill somebody, they stole and lied a lot because of poverty most of all. They could do anything for money. In my opinion, God invented hell to make people afraid of committing bad deeds. Thanks to this policy, humanity became more humane, and nowadays, it still works. The sense that we’re watched by God doesn’t let us commit bad deeds like cheating or deceiving someone for example. Paradise stimulates people to make good deeds: to love, to forgive, support each other in difficult situations, and be thankful. God calls on people to be humane and not selfish. Knowing that God exists helps people remain calm. For instance, if a person is furious at somebody,s/ he will say, “God is a judge for you,” meaning that He will punish that person anyway in this world. Why I say “in this world” is because I think hell is invented by God to regulate people’s behavior, and it doesn’t exist in reality. I rather believe that paradise exists. In all cases people aren’t guilty in their sins. For example, let’ s fancy a person born in a family where parents are alcohol addicted, and s/he’s not...
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