Why Was Jesus Called The Lamb

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The Bible: Its History, Literature and Influence
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Topic 3: Why was Jesus called the “Lamb”? Identify verses in the New Testament that associate Jesus with the lamb. Describe significant events and passages in the Hebrew Bible involving lambs (as well as rams and goats, two animals closely related to lambs), and explain how they shaped the meaning of the word “lamb” as applied to Jesus.

Although many names like “Messiah”, “Prophet”, “Preacher”, “King” and “Teacher” are used to describe Jesus, only one name, “Lamb of God”, stands out comprehensively reflecting the Lord’s purpose. The lamb is the symbol for Christ has its roots in the Old Testament. The people worshipped God by sacrificing animals as they slaughter and offer them to the God. Lamb was the main animal of scarification for the Jews. In Jewish Temple, a lamb was offered every day while lamb also played an important part in the Exodus in Bible.

The reason why Jesus is called the “Lamb” or the “Lamb of God” can be traced back to around 1250 BC when the Israelites were the slaves of Egypt. At the time, the Lord heard the cry of his people: "He heard their groaning and was mindful of His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob." (Exodus 2:24). The Lord sent Moses to free Israeli from Pharaoh and...

The name “Lamb of God” is important because it reflects the substitutionary death where the Lord unleashed his full fury and righteous judgment upon Jesus. In the time people celebrate the mysteries of the Mass, they also look to the “lamb” that suffered, died and rose for everyone’s salvation. Therefore, the people tended to gather around the altar of the Lamb, offering him the hearts and pledging to be his servants in order to welcome him the Jesus and become wedded to him in the Holy...
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