Why Police Need Unions 2

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Why Police Need Unions
Police unions are growing in today's law enforcement environment, since they first began in the early twentieth century. Police unions are organizations that work together with employees to avoid suffering unfairness from their superiors (Gant, 1993). Not only to avoid unfairness in benefits, pay and security, but also when it comes to representing an officer who lost his job unfairly. Unions fight for the rights of the employees not that of the employer. The unions provides, ''legal service to members accused of misconduct or other infringements'' in order to fight for the employee to keep his/her job (Fleming & Marks, 2014). Police unions are needed for every police officer in order to protect their rights. Police unions protect the employee interests and legal representation and not that of the employer. As many employees know, employers are always seeking the best for the little possible pay and/or benefits which is why unions fight against them to give the best to employees.

Police officers work in an environment where their lives are always at risk. One just does not know how the day will end, for that reason unions believe that officers should be represented and protected properly and effectively. Officers have sworn to protect society from wrongdoers and as much as they work for this they are human and mistakes do happen. We all make mistakes at work either voluntarily or involuntarily but there's always a reason as too why something did not came out the way it was suppose to. Police organizations ensures that when an officer is fired or suspended from his work the police department takes all the steps to ensure that the officer is paid for that time lost before it can be proven that the officer was at fault. Been part of such a stressful job makes it hard for police officers to do great on the field and also worry about their rights at the department. When the department wants to cut on benefits and/or pay the unions are the ones that fight to keep the employees benefits and pay. The unions also ensure that proper steps are taken to fight for better working benefits, work conditions, and pay. The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader about why police need unions? and what do the unions do for the police? The essay will be base of the Hill Street Blues series.

The Hill Street Blues, was filmed in 1981 and the DVD was released in 2014. The director of the film was Gregory Hoblit along with other actors Daniel J. Travanti and Taurean Blacque. The Hill Street Blues main description is that it was a show filled about the ''lives and work of the staff of an inner city police precinct'' (IMDb, 2015). This TV series is a great example of what goes on in a police department. Even though, the shows was filled many years ago some of the issues presented in the police precinct still exist in today's police departments. The precinct in this TV series was very small and under staff, to the point that the cops switched rolls every day. There were no specialized units dedicated to a certain issues. There were many cops that risked their lives every day and who had to make fast appropriate decisions in every case presented, in order to make a good arrest. The season that will be explained in this series is season six, disc 3: episode 12 '' Say It as It Plays''.

Episode 12, '' Say It as It Plays'' it's the perfect example of why police officers needs unions and what unions do for police. In this episode we see that the newly officer Rodney is following a suspect and when the individual turns around, takes out a gun, Rodney fires and kills him. Rodney is scared and looking for the suspects' gun when officer Steger shows up and sends Rodney to the unit to call it a shoot out. Rodney left and when he came back Garfield informed him that Steger had found two guns near the suspect. When Rodney was interrogated he was scared because he said that the ADD department will not believe a black...

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