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Topics: Police, Constable, Police brutality Pages: 4 (1158 words) Published: April 14, 2014

I will be writing my research paper on police subculture and how the affects of police subculture impact the body of the law and how it relates to crime. Police subculture is an array of standard procedures and values that rule law enforcers activates in relation to their contractual responsibilities. Police officers were ranked the fifth most stressful job in the world. Since police work is very stressful, police officers have to deal with many hostile individuals in the public and therefore they need to defined styles to handle these unique scenarios. What I will be talking about in my paper is since police subculture is so different such as their values, and beliefs police share which sets them apart from other members of society. Overall I will be talking about the beliefs of police subculture psychological cause of police subculture, changing police subculture and how police subculture affects our society.

Police officers are people the society normally looks up to as epitomes of discipline and protectors of law and order; however police behavior in recent years has been anything but flawless with that being said there is a rise in the resentment and distrust in the public. The public no longer trusts or respects police officers imposing all sorts of changes against them. Police behavior is indeed hateful in some cases especially where minorities or women are concerned.

When we dig deeper into the anthropological and psychological cause of this kind of behavior, we notice that police are influenced by a flawed subculture that profound affects the attitude and behavior of most police officers. With that being said this subculture teaches them certain values and beliefs and on the other, it turns the entire police community into a cohesive group meaning causing cohesion that is essentially alienated from the general public. According to Adler, Mueller, and Laufer (1994) police subculture is a “set of norms and values that govern police behavior,...
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