Why People Are Engaged in Business

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Why people are engaged in business

The key to success in life and work is having the motivation and energy to get up each and every morning and actually 'do' something that contributes to the achievement of your goals and objectives. This means being fully committed to, and engaged with a role in life, or a job of work.

Emotional - Our feelings about ourselves and our own circumstances. Also how we feel about other people with whom we share our lives and the environment in which we live. Physical engagement - being willing to 'go the extra mile' for your employer and actively 'do' work over and beyond expectations. A person expressing 'Orange' will be focussing their energy on achieving results for material gain, status, success and recognition. However they are often forced into adopting these methods because the organisations infrastructure ( systems and processes) impede or stultify their ability to achieve their targets and goals by following the rules. The surprising thing is that these 'unorthodox, rule breaking methods' often go unnoticed.

Specialising in the areas of employee engagement, theatre and entertainment, leadership, creativity and innovation and communication skills. I work extensively with clients at all levels in business and particularly with people at executive level. Clients have included senior managers and CEOs in the banking, insurance and finance sector, marketing, retail, media and entertainment, pharmaceuticals, IT and engineering. I have co- authored a book on the subject of self-presentation 'The Energetics of Charisma' (available from Amazon and LuLu.com). This means open and honest communication between employees, managers and leadersin order to build rapport and allow people to share ideas, have them heard and maybe even rewarded.
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