Why Is Soccer Important To Me

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For many, soccer is a game of competition and amusement. However, to me soccer is more than just some type of entertainment it is a lesson in life.

I was 9 years old on a soccer team in a school called Brightwood. We have a soccer game every Thursday and Brightwood was going against a school called Truesdell. I was warming up for the game and our coach was giving a speech about our tactics for winning the game and not losing focus of the game. My coach said “today is not the day to be a star, but to play as one”. Most of the players weren't focused on my coach's speech. I heard what the coach had said, but I had my own plans, I felt excited l that this will be the game I can prove that I am a someone.

The whistle blew for the game to start, my goal of this game was to show my skills, and for everyone to notice me. I wanted to be known throughout my school. I got tired of being known as my older brother’s little brother. I got tired of being behind my brother’s shadow; I wanted to start my own path. I thought showing my skills during the game would be a good start for me to...

I told my teammates when they see me open they should pass me the ball. I was messing up I was not thinking about no one except myself, I wanted to be the star really bad. My teammates were telling me to stop being a ball hog and stop showing off. I told them to back off and let me do me. The coach had pulled me out of the game told me that I was doing too much and I was not gaining anything by doing that. I was out the majority of the second half of the game and Brightwood was not pulling ahead; Truesdell was ahead by two points.I was devastated I wanted to win so bad seeing a score like really hurts me and shows that i am determined and competitive I came back in the game within fifteen minutes into the game with a different plan. I didn't show off, but I scored; even so, it was not enough for us to...
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