Why Is It so Great to Be Canadian?

Topics: Canadian dollar, Canada, Multiculturalism Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: December 5, 2007
The reason behind why being Canadian is so great is our freedom.

Freedom, geography, diversity, opportunity. These are just some of the things that you think of when the word Canadian or Canada is present. To some we may seem to be a primitive country (some Americans still think our land is 95% ice and that we live in igloos) but to those who know us, we are nice, hardworking people that live in a highly developed society.

Something Canada is well known for is it's freedom towards citizens. In Canada you have rights to freedom of speech and thought. Your personal opinion is no longer constradicted to the extreme and things that are important to you are allowed to be expressed. Your rights as a Canadian include freedom to express religion, sexual orientation, and individuality and have access to education, occupation, medical and the justice system. You have freedom from harrassment in Canada to an extent. This makes Canada a safe and welcoming country to all types of people looking for a fresh start.

Canada is a multicultural society, as we have people from almost every ethnic background. Canada's two main languages are english and french, but besides those, we have many different tongues. From asian languages to german or russian, we have a little bit of something for everyone. The people from Canada come from many different backgrounds and have many different religions. Many people escape an unsafe or unwelcoming home to come and live in Canada, the land of people. Canada opens it's arms to all friendly people willing to live here. Being Canadian submerges you into many diverse cultures. Weather it's visiting a local Chinese restaurant or attending an attraction, there is always things to see and new people to meet in Canada.

Canada is not only a nation of people, it's also an uncomparable feast of wilderness and geography. Our extensive landscape of rivers, lakes, mountains, deserts, plains, tundras, and forests offers just about anything for...
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