Why God Became Man

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Old Testament Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Lehman Strauss the author of the article, Why God Became Man, taught Old Testament history for eight years. From there he served as a Pastor of 2 different Baptist churches and then devoted himself full time to a Bible conference and evangelistic ministry. Writing his 19th book, he passed away in 1997. This article provides a very in depth look at why God became man. It is informative, full of knowledge and wisdom. It lays out the incarnation and the virgin birth in detail that helps people understand the difference but also the way it links together why Christ came and lived as man and what He did while He was here. He came to reveal God to man, man to himself, He came to redeem man, He came to restrain satan, He came to rescue the whole creation, to restore Israel, and He came to reign. He did much more than just save mankind and give us a bridge to God. The strength in this article is all the scripture used to connect one event to another and how it explains in detail from the Old Testament to the New Testament the role Christ would fill coming to the earth and taking on human form. The scripture used in the article encompasses both Old and New Testament and it is given with great explanation and detail so it is easy to understand and follow. Strauss lays out a very informative article that pulls you in and makes you thirst for more knowledge. For the Christian this article helps to articulate what is probably common knowledge but adds to what is the common knowledge. For the non-believer this sets up the truth of Christ and really points out why all should take off their blinders and really look around and see the creation and know beyond a doubt that God does exist.

Personal Conclusion
This article went far beyond my expectations. I learned things I was not aware of. I enjoyed the whole layout of this writing. I would enjoy reading more of Lehman Strauss’ writings. I never put the whole picture together as to what Christ really accomplished...
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