Abortion: a Religious Issue

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Human Pages: 4 (1384 words) Published: April 1, 2001
Abortion: A Religious Issue
One of the toughest issues to debate in our world today is abortion. Abortion is the induced termination of pregnancy before the fetus can survive. Nowadays, abortion affects all people, not just the mother and the baby. There are moral, ethical, health-related, political, and religious aspects that affect how people feel towards abortion. By looking at religion and its views, one can see just how hard it would be to argue in the pro-choice position of this debate.

First of all, I must start with the truth…the Bible does not directly say anything about abortion. The actual word is not mentioned at all. During biblical times, abortion was an unthinkable act and "there was no need to mention it in the criminal code" (Anderson 1). "Children were viewed as a gift or heritage from the Lord… the Scriptures state…that God opens and closes the womb and is sovereign over conception" (Anderson 1). In this sense, "childlessness was seen as a curse" (Anderson 1). Passages taken from the Bible are used as supporting details because they state indirectly how God feels towards the issue. Before Christ was born, however, opinions differed towards abortion. Unwanted children were destroyed through abortion and infanticide because the Romans and Greeks thought human life was neither sacred nor inviolate (Ayd 48). In fact, Aristole claimed "that all babies beyond a legally defined quota should be sentenced to death by exposure" (Ayd 48). However, there were some people who objected this inhumanity. "Hippocrates declared that physicians should not perform or enable a women to procure an abortion" (Ayd 48). Even though there were laws against the act, people ignored them and continued to perform the procedure as if it was nothing.

Then God became man, and man was created in God's image. The Bible says that man is not the owner of his life and body, and the uses he can make of these are limited and governed by divine law (Ayd...

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