Why Engineering Management

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Engineering management  is a field that bridges the gap between engineering and management. The innovative Master's of Science in Engineering Management prepares engineers and technical professionals to manage, lead and excel in today's increasingly complex high tech environment. Engineering management involves the overall management of organizations with an orientation to manufacturing, construction, research & development, engineering, technology or production.

The engineering management and leadership degree focuses on how we work-the management of technical activities through which the manager integrates physical and human resources. Technical managers ensure that personal and organizational objectives are realized by coupling task and process in the achievement of objectives primarily in the areas of research, development, design, operations, testing, marketing, and field service. Engineering management and leadership coursework encompasses these activities and the ways in which they interface with other activities within organizations. Surveys of technical professionals around the world reveal that there are two major motivators in play: Personal Career Growth, and Expanded Responsibility in the Firm. Santa Clara’s Engineering Management Program addresses both concerns. The goal of the Santa Clara University Engineering Management and Leadership program is to support the development of technical project managers. To this end, the program requires that half of the degree units be devoted to a technical stem, drawn from one or more of the other engineering departments. The remaining units are in management-leadership related studies.

it is prudent that one gets a feel of the corporate management world to know what it takes to become a successful manager before opting for a career in this field. I realized that experience did play a major role in their success, but what was more important was that they came from recognized schools of business. Their...
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