Why I Choose Engineering

Topics: Learning, Engineering, Mathematics Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: March 8, 2009
An enormous number of challenges, thrown out by rapid development in science and technology, have made me choose engineering profession. My predilection to this field of study is because of its immense diversity in applications and the range of complexities it possesses. I chose to major in Computer Science Engineering with an intense urge to develop deeper into this challenging field. This century can be credited with have given birth to too many ideas, visions, ways of living and working. It can be credited with almost as many revelations of thoughts and practices. One of this faith in technology as the panacea of all the problems of mankind and a means to human progress. Perhaps our age will be known as the Information Revolution or the Computer Revolution, for we are witnessing a remarkable growth and development of computer and information technology and applications. I have learnt various fundamentals of Computer Science and information technology, which together with practical course work reinforced my interest.

I was exposed to computer at a very early age in school I learn BASIC at the age of eight, and became fascinated about computers and programming. I obtained a solid grounding in mathematics and physical sciences during my early school years and I progressed through my high school days. My attraction towards computer science field eventually became a hobby, which I thoroughly enjoyed and helped me expand my keen of knowledge. I am hard working and sincere to my work. I feel that discipline and punctuality are part of my life. I have got very good Analytical skills and excellent Mathematical skills. With my good communication skills I can impress people. Given a problem, I cannot stay serene without solving it. For helping to achieve my final goal of study the field, books papers and source codes will be the main resources I use. I have enough of self-confidence to make it up and produce best grades in the fields I am interested in.

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