Why Pick Aerospace Engineering?

Topics: Aerospace engineering, Engineering, Astronautics Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: November 1, 2010
If there was a career field that I could go into space wise, I would pick Aerospace Engineering, or Aeronautical Engineering. It would be the greatest feeling in the world to design an aircraft, test it, then have someone actually go out and fly it. To see my own design out and flying, to me, would be about the same feeling that Armstrong had when he stepped onto the moon. This feeling of accomplishment is the kind of satisfactory feeling I seek out in my everyday life, and striving toward that as a career would be an amazing experience for me, each and every day would become a new adventure as I watch my own ideas unfold into something real that I can touch and that others can admire.

In the year of 2002, the average person that was an aerospace engineer earned $72,750 annually. The lowest degree that is needed for this field is a bachelor’s. It has been predicted that there is supposed to be a downfall in the need of people for this certain career, but that won’t stop me from trying if I choose to. I feel that as I learn more about this field, my own hard work and perseverance will help me obtain a job within this field, and that I will be able to rise to the challenge given me in order to reach my potential.

The main focus of an aerospace engineer is the design, operation, and analysis of any type of spacecraft. The shuttle has to be able to function, be practical, and be able to support human life while in orbit. This is no small task. Even though it has indeed already been accomplished before, I feel that through the knowledge I will gain both by researching the current spacecrafts, and by my own experimentation, I will help the United States in making more efficient spacecrafts that will benefit these areas of science, and help others to find and create new ideas through mine, expanding the current technology.

There are around 93 colleges in the United States that support Aerospace Engineering. Upon departing to college, I feel it would be in my best...

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