Who I Admire

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The essay im about to write is about the person i admire the most.

I most admire my mother because shes always there when i need her. Every day since the day i was born she has been there for me when i was sick. She made me soup when i needed it and tea to make me feel warm inside ,she also gave me medicine to make me well once again. My mom also watched movies with me to make me laugh and has sung to me to make feel good inside. Then at night she would tuck me in tight and kiss me goodnight and prayed with me till i fell asleep.

A second reason why i admire my mother the most is because she is such a inspiration to me. She has been thru tough situations in her life and that makes me realize if she can get thru it, then i know i can get thru any tough situation i come across. My mother is such a wonderful person inside and out. She goes out of her way to help me. She would do anything for me and thats why i love her so much.

Another reason why i admire my mother the most is because she is always there when i need someone to talk to. When im sad shes there for me to cry and to cofide in. When im angry she is there to calm me down but most importantly she is there when im happy and just need to laugh. I can talk to my mother about anything and that makes me feel good inside because i know i have a true friend. My mother is someone you can lean on and trust.

In concluding my essay i would like to say my mother is the best person you would ever meet. Shes a great mother and grandmother, and most of all a true friend. Shes there when you need her, shes a great inspiration and always there when you need a friend to confide in.My mother will always be the person i admire the most because of how strong she is and her confidence and her attitude towards life.She's been with me since i was born and i know she will
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