Who I Admire Most

Topics: Cabo San Lucas, Family, Mother Pages: 4 (606 words) Published: October 14, 2013
Who I Admire Most

When you hear the word, ‘Mom’, do you think of your own? The woman who had you in

her belly, and then raised you to be the person you are today? That’s who I think of. My

Mother is __________ but everyone calls her _____ She was born in _________.

I admire

my Mom the most because she’s smart and knowledgeable, she’s traveled all over, and she

was a stay at home mom for ten years with my sister and I.

My Mom is really smart. Not just book-smart, but she’s smart about real life situations

amongst other things. I can ask my Mom about absolutely anything. Her advice is the best! I

never have to keep something bad or nerve-wracking to myself. I know that I can go to her.

She helps me with anything and everything! I have a lot of friends who keep things from

their mothers, but I honestly never do. I’m never embarrassed to ask her something. I can ask

her for advice, school issues, friend problems, etc. The list goes on! Having my Mom be

smart and knowledgeable is important to me; the fact that I can go to her for anything is


My Mom loves traveling and has been to every state except North and South Dakota. She’s

even been to Europe! Because of my Mom, I’ve explored many new places. I’ve gotten to

see and do so much! A great thing about traveling has been the great memories. I can

remember my first plane ride when I was only four years old. Getting to go places as a

family is an awesome thing, too. In fifth grade, we went to Disneyland with a lot of my

family members! It was such an excellent trip. And in seventh grade, I went to Hawaii for

Thanksgiving with my grandparents! I’ve been to Maui and Kauai, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas

and San Carlos, Mexico, many places in California, Dickinson, Texas, Michigan, and many

other places! Being able to travel with my Mom is such a fun experience and I admire...
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