Who Has the Greatest Influence on Me

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They may not know it but my parents have the most influence on my life. They don't know how much I look up to them but I do, I love my mom and dad and admire what they do for a living. I believe I have the best parents in the world. (When I do say I have the best parents I mean it because I have had different parents).

My parents display all the characteristics of what a real hero should be. They are always their when I am at the bottom of my game, they always back me up on the decisions I make even though I don't chose the wisest path to take. They love me and they will always be my hero.

They have played a big role in my life. When they adopted me they were told that I had a learning disability, they said that I had problems learning and comprehending things; that I was slow. My parents rejected that diagnostics and said that all I needed was some motivation. They motivated me to work to the best of my ability. My ability was way more then they said I would be able to accomplish. With out my parents, I would have been treated like I was slow for the rest of my life. With out my parents' motivation, then I wouldn't be where I am now academically.

Both my parents are hard workers and have rubbed that quality on me. My dad works two jobs and loves his teaching job as a Taekwondo instructor. My mom works at a nursing home and always puts in 50 plus a week. I try to work just as hard as them both at various jobs and at school. They have taught me to put school before work or play they have also taught me to stay focused on my school work because with out an education you won't get to far in life.

My parents have always been caring. If they hadn't cared about me or my brother then only God would know where we would be in our life right now. With my parents caring attitude they have taught me how to car too. I know what it is like to care and be responsible for other people and things. Caring and responsibility are part of the job that I...
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