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The Best Gift I Have Ever Received

By feraberry Jul 02, 2011 254 Words
The Best Gift I Have Ever Received.
Among of all the gifts I have ever received, the first one is the best. The best gift I ever received is none other than my parents, given to me by God on my birthday. Nowadays, not every child is fortunate enough to have both parents to nurture them. As for me, I am lucky to be raised by two loving parents. They provide shelter and care so that we can live comfortably. Furthermore, Mommy and Daddy give me the best education along with security and financial support. Other than that, I am also blessed with unconditional love and uplifting support from both of my parents. Through thick and thin, they have always been a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on. My parents are my life counsellors because they know what is best for me. Last but not least, it feels so joyful to live under one roof with a great cook and a good Samaritan. Mommy always prepares healthy, nutritious and tasty meals for the family. Daddy on the other hand, gives away old clothes and unused toys to charitable organizations and orphanage homes. Plus it keeps our home neat and tidy. In a nutshell, I am grateful to have such caring parents. They are the ones who has been taking care of me and loving me for who I am. Through their examples and teachings, I am brought up with good values. I love my parents, they mean the world to me.

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