What Would Happen Next

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I thought the film seemed much longer, but reading the play it felt like a faster pace to me, because I was in more control of how I read it, and that I was more engaged in the story, wanting to know what happens next! But watching the film, I already know, so I knew what was coming, but the film did show a great portrayal of the story.

After reading the play, the part of the film I was satisfied with was Walter was intense just like I imagined. I also was satisfied with the end of the movie how it gave the audience a change to see the new house. Definitely made me feel the excitement as if I was there to experiencing it with them.

The parts (or characters) I was disappointed in in was how Beneatha seemed to have a midwestern accent, while other characters had more of a southern accent. I thought she should have had the same kind of accent as the other characters, but maybe it was cast that way because going to college, and may have picked up on a “whiter” way of speaking. But Beneatha was what I expected to look like in the film of what I portrayed of her in the play. Ruth was also a disappointing character because she seemed a bit with-drawn and soft-spoken in the film than the story. I expected her to be stronger of a woman. I thought she didn’t have the impact she brought in the play than the movie. I was also disappointed when the representative from the new community came to talk to the family. Because he fumbling his words and the fact I knew that was coming. Just gave the impression to me that this guy was just irritating and a smug. But other than that I thought the characters were great and portrayed the story.

I thought the characters were casted in the film were great for the film. I thought George seemed older than I expected. But Mama looked younger I thought than what her grey hair implied, but her ideals, morals were still implied and I felt from the play. Especially the part when she made Beneatha repeat her “Now—you say after...
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