What Is a Russian "State Unitary Enterprise"

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What is a Russian "State Unitary Enterprise"?
commercial organization, is not endowed with ownership assigned to the owner of her property. The property of the unitary enterprise is indivisible and can not be spread on deposits (shares, shares), including among the employees of the enterprise. In the form of unitary enterprises can be created only by state and municipal enterprises. See the Municipal Unitary Enterprise. Charter of the unitary enterprise must contain, besides the information which must specify in the founding documents of a legal entity in accordance with the provisions of Article 52 of the Civil Code (name of legal entity, its location, order management of a legal entity), and information about the object and purpose of the enterprise, and Also on the amount of capital of an enterprise, procedure and sources of its formation. The property of the state unitary enterprise is state-owned property, and such enterprise on the right of economic jurisdiction or operative management. In the cases provided by law for state and municipal unitary enterprises, the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation on the basis of property in federal ownership, may be formed unitary enterprise, based on the right of operational management (the federal government enterprise). The state unitary enterprise may be established by federal authorities on the basis of the federal state property, or to form bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation on the basis of state ownership of the Russian Federation. Brand Name unitary enterprise must contain an indication of the owner of the property. Authority Unitary Enterprise is a leader who is appointed by the owner or authorized owner of the body and is accountable to them. A unitary enterprise is liable for its obligations with all property belonging to him. A unitary enterprise is not liable for the obligations of the owner of the property. The legal status of state unitary enterprises is determined...
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